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3 Kinds of Art to Resell

May 20, 2023

Art has been bought and resold for years. It’s because specific art pieces hold value and will continue to hold value into the future as more people desire it and seek it out.

This means that you can make money from buying and reselling art yourself. When referencing art here, it’s important to know that it doesn’t mean large gallery paintings, even though you can buy and resell those if you have the money to do it.

But what many resellers really need to focus on are three kinds of more affordable art that are released in smaller quantities and hold value on the aftermarket. There are way more than three kinds of resellable art out there, but these three will help investors get started.

If you want more information on these three kinds of art pieces to resell or different pieces of art that can be profitable, you need to join Juiced IO. Every day there’s a new work of art that’s posted in the group for members to analyze. With the post comes information on the art like how many pieces of art are being sold, how much risk you’re taking by investing in the specific piece of art, and where you can buy and sell the art at.

Here are three different kinds of art to get your research started.

Prints Prints are a type of art that has been around for a long time and when they are produced by a specific company or artist they are considered to be more valuable than other prints.

Depending on the creator of the print, they are probably only releasing a certain number of prints into the world. If you can get your hands on one of these limited numbers of prints then you can sell it for a profit. You might be able to quickly sell it or you might have to hold onto it and wait for it to become more profitable.

Posters Most people might not think of posters as valuable items to resell, but the truth is some are. You just have to obtain the right ones if you want to resell them. One tricky thing about reselling prints and posters is that you have to be aware of the release date for both. It’s similar to a release date for sneakers. If you’re there the moment the print or poster releases then you’ll be able to buy them before they sell out


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been all the rage recently. Basically, they can be considered as digital artwork backed by cryptocurrency. The blockchain is what gives them their value as art because it gives each digital piece of art originality and authenticity.

If you can handle the volatility and risk of the market for NFTs then there’s a chance you could make money by buying and selling different ones. It’s definitely still a risky market at the time of writing this story because no one is sure where the value of NFTs will go in the future. Keep them on your radar.

The bottom line of reselling art Art has been so profitable for so many resellers that many sneaker bots have equipped themselves to be able to quickly purchase pieces of art. Think about it, if there are 500 prints of a certain artwork being released and your sneaker bot can purchase 10 of them, you own a nice sized percentage of those prints released.

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