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8 Best Products To Sell On Amazon In 2023

June 7, 2023

These days hundreds of millions of people shop for hundreds of millions of products on Amazon. Obviously, this means that there is an opportunity to make money selling on the platform whether it be through Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) or reselling products you bought elsewhere. However. with such a choice, it can be difficult to pinpoint the highest-selling and most profitable items. And so, whether you’re a seasoned seller looking to expand your inventory or a newbie aiming to make your first foray into Amazon selling, this piece will give you a quick overview of the best product categories and products within them categories to sell on Amazon in 2023.

8. Pet Supplies

With an increasing number of households adopting pets, products like pet hair removers, pet toys, and dog harnesses have proven profitable. Recently, the best two performing products in this category have been pet hair removers and pet toys. Pet hair removers provide an efficient solution to maintain cleanliness, while pet toys, designed to entertain and exercise pets, cater to their well-being. Specialty items like organic pet food, luxury pet beds, or tech-oriented products like pet cameras or automatic feeders can also attract pet owners who typically love spending too much money on their furry friends.

7. Groceries

Whilst not traditionally associated with Amazon, believe it or not, food items sell quite regularly and experience steady demand due to their essential nature. In particular, specialty foods, gourmet ingredients, healthy snacks, or dietary-specific products (gluten-free, vegan, organic) can find success on Amazon. Bulk-buy options, subscriptions for regularly needed items, or unique offerings like international foods can also help you when selling goods in this category.

6. Books

Despite the digital age, physical books still retain a huge volume of sales on Amazon, which famously started out as an online bookshop. Hardbacks from popular authors, limited edition books, or books turned into movies or series, can generate impressive sales. On the other hand, digital books or eBooks that cater to the technologically inclined audience also sell well. Self-help books, cookbooks, or books focused on promoting skills like coding, digital marketing, and even AI are some of the best sellers in this category.

5. Toys

Like many other collectibles, the toy market has boomed in recent years. This has led to an opportunity to sell toys catering to adults such as action figures and Funko Pops on Amazon. Additionally, children’s toys have always been good sellers on Amazon that are always in demand. However, the holiday season is of course the best time to sell toys and you can see a huge increase in sales.

4. Sports and Outdoor Activity Products

The increased focus on physical wellness has boosted the demand for sports and outdoor products, especially as the summer season takes hold. The likes of yoga mats and resistance bands have been particularly sought after within this category. With the right marketing strategy and understanding of the current fitness trends, selling in this category can be quite profitable.

3. Seasonal Clothing and Shoes

Every summer sees summer apparel such as bathing suits, and beach accessories be popular picks on Amazon, and 2023 is no different. This market offers a wide range of potential customers, from those looking for budget options to those seeking luxury goods.

2. Beauty and Personal Care Products

The beauty and personal care industry is another that is booming. Some of the highest-selling items on Amazon are within this category such as blue light glasses which help to protect eyes from excessive screen time, face masks, to the latest in makeup and beauty trends. The beauty industry’s resilience, even during difficult times, makes these products particularly attractive if you are a seller. Look out for emerging trends, including natural and organic products, which are gaining significant market share.

1. Electronics

Perhaps as expected, electronic products are the best items to sell on Amazon in 2023. The world of electronics is vast and continuously evolving meaning there are always ways to profit. From headphones, charging stations, and security cameras to the latest gadgets, the demand never seems to wane. This year, innovative smart home products like automated security cameras and systems have seen a significant increase in demand.

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