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Our mission is to provide people who want to make money selling products online with the fastest, easiest and most awesome solutions to satisfy their needs. Juiced IO’s team is never short for new ideas and are constantly innovating for our users. Our motto is and will always be, customers first.

Our story

Let’s picture the scene. It’s early 2017, our soon to be founder Ben discovers reselling. It was the dawn of the sneaker boom. Kanye West had just released the latest version of the Yeezy a few months prior and prices on the after markets had soured beyond $1500 a pair… Ridiculous!

A few months later he managed to get his hands on his first pair of Yeezys for $220 and flipped the pair for hundreds in profit. And from that day onwards, he was hooked. Reselling had become an addiction, and he was soon buying up hundreds of pairs, building up a clientele as he went.

After continuing to grow his sell operations and gaining considerable attention on social media, Ben noticed the lack of services available to help sellers with their struggles and decided it was time to build the services he or others never had access to. Something that could help sellers with finding the most profitable items, something that would allow sellers to sell more than just sneakers… something that would revolutionize the scene forever.

And 2 years after Ben’s first sneaker sale, Juiced was born in the summer of 2019. We now provide revolutionary reseller services to thousands of users in over 130 different countries, primarily in Europe, North America and Asia. You may wander… How does Juiced actually help sellers?

Let us explain.. Well let's first explain what reselling is as many of you reading may still not know. On paper, reselling is simple. A “reseller” will buy an in-demand product from a retailer's website and will then sell it on for increased prices on aftermarkets such as eBay. Sounds easy right? Sadly it’s not.. Well not without Juiced anyways ;). Like everything good, reselling comes with its downfalls. These downfalls are what Juiced is built upon.

Being a reseller, the first problem you’ll face is actually getting your hands on the goods. In-demand products will sell out within a matter of seconds making it almost impossible to get… And that's if you even know which websites these items will be releasing on. Well this is where Juiced comes in. Our team of over 100 staff scour the internet 24/7 for profitable items. Once a team member of ours gets the intel, we share it with our users directly through the app. Now the users know when and where the item is releasing, our app will monitor that website that's releasing the product and send a push notification as soon as it's made available. Once it's live, click the notification and our app will automatically checkout the product for you. Simple!

Is that all? Of course not! sellers face more problems than just buying the goods. Selling isn't as easy as you may think. Once your products arrive, you will need to list the products on multiple different online marketplaces if you want to stand a chance at selling your products… After taking pictures, writing descriptions, adding different sizes and more... repeating this process on multiple different platforms for every item, you’ll undoubtedly feel exhausted. Some may even quit altogether. Again, this is where your knight in shining armor, Juiced comes in and saves the day. If you purchased your products using our app, then it's as simple as clicking “Sell product”, our app will automatically recognise the products you’ve purchased and will automatically upload and optimize your listings onto multiple different platforms, including eBay, Amazon and Shopify.

Once you’ve listed products, it can be hard to track inventory, customer orders, money coming in, money going out, etc. Juiced has got you! Not only do we allow you to list automatically to your favourite marketplaces, but we sync your listings, sales data, orders and more into one, easy-to-use seller hub.

These are just a few out of hundreds of examples of how we simplify buying and selling for sellers. We have spent hundreds of thousands on building up simple and helpful solutions for sellers. This is why we are the leaders in the industry.

From start to finish, Ben and the team have thought of every possible solution to make it easy for sellers who are just starting or advanced sellers to buy & sell products. This is Juiced’s story.

Meet the team

Benjamin Hall

Founder & Chief Executive Officerㅤ🇺🇸

Shubham Rawat

Founder & Chief Technology Officerㅤ🇮🇳

Suraj Negi

Founder, HoP & Frontend Engineerㅤ🇮🇳

Rami Abdul Nabi

Content managerㅤ🇨🇦

Paul Evans

Angel Investor & Strategic Advisorㅤ🇬🇧

Hamish Williams

Angel Investorㅤ🇬🇧

Dylan Jalbert

Lead Data Engineerㅤ🇺🇸

Killian Morand

Social Media Marketing Coordinatorㅤ🇫🇷


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