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Are Comics Worth Reselling?

May 20, 2023

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Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

The collectibles market (prints, figurines, vinyls, etc.) has grown substantially within the past year. Comics play a crucial role in collectibles reselling, being one of the most profitable and easy to get releases.


Comics have been collector’s favorites since the late 1900s. The number of collectors has not died down, and comics are still relevant today. With a vast market of fans and collectors, there is a massive opportunity within the comic reselling world.


As you can see, not only are comics profitable, they have a lot of sales volume to go alongside them. With the correct information, you should consistently go for good flips that can net you a good amount of return. A few key features are the artwork, artist, and character. When you have a good mix of all three of these factors mixed with a limited edition release, there is a good chance that the comic has good resell potential.

Another aspect that makes comics even more profitable is that you can grade them like sports or Pokemon cards. Especially with older comics, collectors love good-conditioned rare comics. Grading comics gets a little more complicated, but it is always nice to have that option next to you as you start learning more and more.

“Because that’s what a comic is, ultimately: a collection of pages. It’s not a flatpanel or a touchscreen, even though that’s where it might eventually be displayed. It’s a page.”―John Heffernan