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Are Hats Worth Reselling?

May 20, 2023


These fitted hats have grown in extreme popularity within the past year. With many exclusive releases happening, many of these hats become extremely sought after. The main features of these hats feature a major league baseball team as well as different patchworks on the side to add some extra flair and exclusivity,

These hats are in a fairly small niche, but a very tight-knit one. Getting into these hats both as a collector and reseller are great options.

One of the best reasons for flipping these hats is the volume. They are in such high demand that they are great quick movers. Another great fact about these hats is that the retail is never too high. Margins can be slim at times, but when you start moving a lot of these hats it becomes very well worth it.

There are a few major sites that release these hats including Hat ClubCapsule HatsExclusive Fitted, to name a few major retailers.

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