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Are Legos Worth Reselling?

May 20, 2023

The collectibles market (prints, figurines, vinyls, etc.) has grown substantially within the past year. Lego sets play a crucial role in collectibles reselling, being one of the most profitable and lowkey releases that many miss.


Legos were invented in 1932 and are still very prevalent today. Whether you’re a young child looking for entertainment or a grown adult with some free time, legos are a great way to pass the time. With many limited edition sets released in the past and just highly desired sets from years prior. Legos can be not only a great quick flip but also an excellent long-term investment.

By starting many popular sets such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Marvel. Some of the larger Lego sets within the series can be very profitable long-term investments, that’s if you’re willing to put in the time to let it sit in your closet for a few years. Once a set is discontinued, they are never made again. With millions of fans wanting pieces to fulfill a part of their childhood, legos are a staple in the collector’s eyes, hiking up the price. Now not everyone wants to hold a set for 5+ years. The great thing about these flips is that many of their new releases are still very profitable because legos are so sought after. With the same concept in mind, sets from popular series such as Star Wars or Marvel often have potential and any limited edition pieces.

As you can see with this image above, not only are legos extremely profitable, they also have great volume as well. We definitely think that there is a lot of opportunity within legos, what about you?

“But its popularity had the adverse effect of attracting scalpers who would purchase popular sets for the sole purpose of reselling them at a hiked-up price. In November, the Lego Titanic set — which retailed at $629 — was seen on eBay selling for over $1,000 shortly after its release.” —