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Auction vs. Buy It Now On eBay: A Guide To Both

June 30, 2023

With a global buyer base and the flexibility to sell nearly anything, from electronics to vintage sneakers, eBay is a go-to destination for sellers worldwide. But when it comes to eBay listings, one crucial decision can significantly impact your sales – choosing between the Auction vs. Buy It Now options. Let’s explore these two eBay staples, outlining strategies for effective use, and maximizing your profit potential.

What is eBay Auction and Buy It Now?

To understand when to use either option, you obviously first need to comprehend what each entails. eBay’s Auction option is a time-bound selling method where buyers place bids on your items. The highest bid at the end of the auction wins. Auctions can create a sense of urgency, potentially driving up the final sale price.

On the other hand, Buy It Now (BIN) allows buyers to purchase your item immediately at a fixed price. This option caters to the more safe-minded, often offering a quick and definite sale.

Determining Your Listing Type

Determining whether to go with an Auction or a Buy It Now listing will usually come down to your selling objectives and the nature of the item in question.

If you’re dealing with a high-demand, limited-edition product such as a new pair of Yeezys or a newly released sports card box, an auction might be the better option. For these kinds of products, auctions can create a bidding frenzy, pushing prices well above the item’s original value.

However, if you’re selling more commonplace items with a clearly defined market value, a Buy It Now listing might be more suitable. In this scenario, an auction could result in the item selling for less than its worth. Moreover, BIN can help move these items quicker, freeing up your cash flow for further investments.

Despite this, there is no one of telling exactly what suits an auction and what suits a Buy it Now listing. Ultimately, the decision will be up to you to decide as a seller on a per-item basis.

Optimizing Your Auction Strategy

Bid 1

Should you decide to go with an Auction, it’s essential to maximize its potential. Below are some ways you can optimise your auction strategy. Following this, we will also explain some potential ways to optimise your Buy It Now strategy.

Start Low to Spark Interest: By starting your auction at a low price, you can hopefully attract a larger pool of bidders. A larger bidder pool increases the competition, and this competition can often push the final sale price higher than the original market value. Of course, this can be risky also but sometimes risks are what is needed when it comes to selling on eBay.

Timing is Key: You should always attempt to schedule your auctions to end during peak browsing times. eBay’s global user base tends to be most active during the evenings and on weekends. By timing your auctions to end during these peak times, you’re ensuring a larger potential audience is online when your auction is reaching its climax.

Use the Reserve Price Feature: The Reserve Price feature is a handy tool that allows you to set a hidden minimum price for your item. This means your item won’t sell unless bids reach this threshold. It provides a safety net against your item selling too cheaply, negating some of the risks, while still allowing you to create a bidding frenzy by starting the bid low. However, don’t set your reserved price too high as it may prevent bidders from bidding at all.

Comprehensive Listings: This one is just good practice when it comes to selling on eBay in general. Be sure to provide a detailed and honest description of the product, including its condition, history, and any other vital information. This builds trust with bidders and could lead to higher bids. Additionally, high-quality images from multiple angles can attract more bidders.

Optimizing Your Buy It Now Strategy

Buy Now

Competitive Pricing: When using the Buy It Now option, it’s crucial to price your item competitively. Spending time researching the market to understand the average selling price for similar items is essential. Tools like Terapeak can be helpful in providing insights into pricing trends for specific items over time.

Using the ‘Best Offer’ Option: The Best Offer option can be a great addition to your Buy It Now strategy. This option allows potential buyers to send you their price proposals. It can be an effective way to negotiate the price, especially when dealing with high-value items that you have room to move on or when the market value of an item is uncertain.


Choosing between eBay’s Auction and Buy It Now methods plays a crucial role in your selling strategy. By understanding the nature of these listing types and the items you’re selling, you can optimize your strategy, enhancing your chances of sales.

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