Job opening

Senior Backend Engineer (Dehradun, India)

Mai 17, 2024

₹960,000 - ₹1,800,000

Dehradun, India

About Juiced

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At Juiced we’re building the future of selling online – where sellers can easily source, list, and manage their products with the click of a button.

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Juiced in its current form is a web-app that gives online sellers access to; tailored product recommendations, cross-marketplace listing, inventory/order management, seller analytics, 70+ educational tutorials, and much more. We currently have integrations with eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon Seller Central, Shopify and StockX, allowing sellers to sync everything they do on Juiced to their connected seller accounts.

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This is just the start though. Our vision is to build a fully autonomous AI-powered reselling super-platform that can run someone’s online resale business on autopilot. Utilizing the power of AI to connect our existing semi-automatic infrastructure, and with plans for a large Series A round later this year, we hope to make this a reality over the next 2 years.


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What’s Next


To date, we’ve done over $1 million in revenue from the Juiced Discord beta service. In March last year, we secured $100k in investment for 10% equity from 2 veteran angel investors.


We’ve mainly bootstrapped our company to date, leveraging various ventures such as Juiced’s Discord membership, our marketing agency, and other revenue streams to sustain us as we developed Juiced’s software platform – which was always the long-term goal for us.


Our founding team consists of three co-founders: Ben, the CEO, overseeing business operations in Miami, US; Shubham, serving as CTO and handling backend development in Dehradun, India; and Suraj, our CPO focusing on frontend development, also based in Dehradun, India.


As we reach a pivotal stage in our growth, we recognize the need to expand our development team beyond our 2 technical co-founders and to switch from remote work to in-person work in both the United States and India. Therefore, we are actively seeking to hire 2 new senior frontend engineers, 2 senior backend engineers, and 1 quality assurance engineer. These new hires are crucial to the upcoming release of the Juiced 2.0 platform.


If you’re seeking an easygoing job with unlimited PTO, then this job isn’t for you. We’re searching for hardcore developers who are up for the adventure of a lifetime and who share our passion and commitment to building the future go-to platform for sellers worldwide.



Compensation & Perks


💸 ₹960,000 – ₹1,800,000 in annual salary (compensation is flexible based on skills, experience, and accomplishments).

👑 5,000 3-year stock options and 5,000 performance-based stock options (equivalent to around 1% equity at this current time).

🖥️ Computer/workspace equipment (new monitor, laptop, keyboard, mice, chair, and desk when not already available or upgrades necessary).

🏠 A luxurious workspace in our private villa in Dehradun, offering a serene and elegant environment for productivity and collaboration with the whole team.

🌎 Flights, visa sponsorship, and accommodation for team meetups or employee relocations (we recently spent a month in Bali, and have plans for more trips in Europe and the USA later this year).



Job Responsibilities 


– Writing backend code to expand the Juiced platform alongside other talented software engineers.

– Building the backend of new features including new pages, modals, forms, navigations, and more.

– Debugging issues and fixing bugs. This will involve learning the ins and outs of our existing code.

– Leading and advising other backend engineer and setting a good example in and outside of work.

– Figuring out the best way to serve users and work your way backward to the technology. Not the other way around.

– Provide technical and architectural oversight for the development, design, integration, testing, and maintenance of the backend code base.

– Manage technical debt to ensure our development velocity stays high while minimizing production incidents in our operations.

– Work closely with other backend engineers, our CPO, and the CEO to design UI and UX that are simple yet effective for our users.



Required Qualifications


– 10 years of experience as a React and JavaScript, backend engineer.

– Experience with the following technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, NestJS, MySQL, SQL, Microservices architecture, Redis, and Elasticsearch

Familiar with big code bases that integrate with multiple services.

– Must be good at debugging problems.

– Must have a high-level understanding of web apps.

– Must be capable of optimizing API responses

– Vast experience with adopting API documentation

– Capable of writing detailed internal API documentation 

– Must be fluent in English and capable of having in-depth conversations with our US team.

– Must be India-based and willing to live in Dehradun.



Preferred Qualifications


– Experience with eBay Sell API, Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API), Shopify API, or other marketplace API’s.

– Experience with AWS (specifically any of the following: AWS S3, AWS RDS, AWS EC2, AWS SNS, AWS SES, or AWS SQS).

– Experience with any of the following technologies: Discord API, Stripe API, Logstash, Firebase, Vimeo, IP Stack, Fixer, Render, Sentry, and New Relic.

– Experience with React and other front-end technologies.

– Previous experience starting a business or experience working at smaller companies/startups.

– Bachelors or Masters in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or equivalent experience.

– Knowledge, or interest in reselling, online selling, or e-commerce.



Who We Need


– You’ve got positive energy. You’re optimistic about the future and determined to get there.

– You are looking for an exciting opportunity that isn’t just about the money.

– You’re comfortable with agile workflow and are quick to iterate.

– You work well with direct, rapid, and candid feedback.

– You’re both an active communicator and an eager listener.

– You’re passionate about software development and have high standards for your code.

– You are willing to take 100% responsibility for your code.

– You’re willing to go outside of your comfort zone and you’re up for new challenges.

– You are a very hard-working and driven person, and are flexible with your work days/hours.

– You have a winners mindset. You want to win and you’re not satisfied with the status quo.

– You are comfortable with startup culture. It’s casual, and not corporate, but is demanding.



Please provide your current employment status.
Later into the recruiting process we will ask for proof to back up your responses and verify your technical abilities through a technical interview so please answer as accurately as possible.
Later into the recruiting process we will ask for proof to back up your responses and verify your technical abilities through a technical interview so please answer as accurately as possible.
List each company or project you've created and link them (eg: Juiced /, Valiant /, etc). Please do not mention companies or projects you did not build the vast majority of.
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