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How To Use SEO To Create A Winning Product Title on eBay

junio 9, 2023


Mastering eBay selling involves a lot more than simply listing your items and hoping for the best. One key aspect (arguably the most important after the picture of your product) is a well-crafted product title. A product’s title can be a game changer in your eBay strategy, acting as the initial hook that draws in potential buyers as well as boosting your overall visibility. But how can you create the best product titles on eBay? That’s where SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, comes in. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use SEO to create winning product titles on eBay.

Ebay Seo

SEO on eBay Explained

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of enhancing your content so that search engines, like eBay’s own search tool and Google, can better understand and rank your listing. The most crucial thing to know about SEO on eBay is that the higher your listing ranks, the more views it will get and thus sales.

eBay only gives you 80 characters to describe your product in the title. This space should be used wisely, detailing things like the brand name, product type, and condition. However, looking at this from an SEO perspective there is a lot more to it than this.

To get the most out of your product title you will need to delve deeper and consider a variety of factors which we will now discuss.

Sequencing The Words in Your Title

The order of the words in your product title significantly influences eBay’s search algorithm. It’s well known at this stage that the algorithm gives more weight to the first few words in a title. This means that keywords placed at the beginning are more likely to match with user search queries and therefore yield higher rankings for your listing, increasing the likelihood of you getting a sale.

For example, if you’re selling a ‘WWE Elite Action Figure – Cody Rhodes’, you’d want to start with the most critical keywords. A title like ‘Cody Rhodes WWE Elite Action Figure’ would likely perform better because ‘Cody Rhodes’ is a more specific search term than ‘WWE Elite’. When deciding how to sequence your product title, the best thing to do is probably to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and think about how you’d likely search for an item.

Avoid Filler Words

The next step when making your title is to ensure you try your best to avoid filler words. People often have the misconception that adding filler words like ‘amazing’, ‘look’, ‘wow’, or ‘deal’ in their product title can help attract customers.

In reality, these words don’t provide concrete information about the product, look unprofessional and use valuable character space without adding value to your listing from an SEO perspective. Instead of filling out your listing title with these spammy words, research more keywords that you can potentially add.

Researching Key Words

Several tools can facilitate your eBay title optimization. eBay themselves provides two tools that you may find useful. These are the Sell It Faster’ and the ‘Terapeak Product Research’ tool. The latter can provide insights into what keywords successful sellers in your category are using by displaying data on high-performing listings and offering historical sales data. By studying the keywords used in top-performing listings, you can learn what phrases and descriptors resonate most with buyers. Meanwhile, the ‘Sell It Faster’ tool provides direct recommendations on improving product titles and descriptions by suggesting valuable keywords, highlighting potential improvements, and providing comparative data from similar listings.

There are other non-eBay tools you can also utilize such as Google Trends and various other Keyword Planners.

Mobile Optimization

An often overlooked factor when people make product titles on eBay is mobile optimization. It is particularly important these days with the majority of eBay users shopping from their phone or mobile device.

Mobile displays often truncate product titles, usually after 40-60 characters, depending on the device’s screen size. Therefore, your product title’s most important details should be prioritized to fit within this character limit.

Regularly Update Your Listings

Depending on the type of item you’re selling, it may be listed for a long time on eBay. However, SEO is not a ‘set and forget’ process. As market trends, product popularity, and buyer behavior evolve, your listings will need to keep up and you should regularly review and update your product titles. One way of doing this is by checking your eBay Seller Dashboard, which can provide valuable insights. Here, you can see how your listings are performing. If you see a decline in views or sales, it may be time to reevaluate your product title by utilizing the tools mentioned previously.

Final Remarks

Creating a winning product title on eBay involves more than just describing the product. The most important things to remember are to keep your titles relevant, concise, and mobile-friendly, and continually review and update your listings as trends evolve. By following this guidance, you will give yourself a much better chance of selling your products.

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