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The Juiced Guide To Making Money Reselling Hats

noviembre 17, 2023

Hats, a seemingly simple accessory, have blossomed into a substantial niche in the reselling market in recent times. They vary in style, from snapbacks and fitted caps linked with sports teams and streetwear brands to the more stylish bucket hats. Each style caters to a different audience and market dynamics. Various factors such as fashion trends, sports events, and pop culture significantly influence the hat market. For instance, a championship win by a popular sports team can spike the demand for related merchandise, including hats. Similarly, a collaboration between a renowned streetwear brand and an artist can create a surge in the market. With that said, here is a brief guide on all you need to know about making money with hats!

Sourcing Hatwear

When it comes to reselling, it’s not just about finding any hat. Rather, it’s about finding hats that have a potential market. This requires a good eye and an understanding of what your audience is looking for. Retail stores, especially sporting goods retailers, often stock a wide range of hats, from team sports caps to outdoor adventure hats. These stores frequently have sales, clearance events, and special promotions. For a reseller, these events are a great way to acquire new stock at a lower cost. Retailers often have seasonal sales, particularly during holidays or end-of-season periods. This is an excellent time to source inventory, as many hats will be discounted to make room for new seasonal stock. For example, winter hats like beanies might be on sale at the end of winter, and similarly, summer hats like visors and sun hats might be discounted at the end of summer. Timing your purchases during these periods can significantly lower your investment cost. The trick is to stay informed about sales events and promotions. Signing up for newsletters, following these stores on social media, and even forming relationships with store employees can provide early access to sales information.

Moreover, stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods occasionally have exclusive releases or limited edition lines. These can be in collaboration with sports teams, outdoor brands, or even popular culture icons. These hats often carry a high resale value due to their limited availability and exclusivity. Staying updated on these releases requires a proactive approach, much like sneaker drops. It involves tracking release dates, understanding the store’s purchasing policies, and maybe even participating in in-store or online lotteries.

Knowing what brands are best is, of course, also highly important. The likes of New Era, Supreme, Nike and Stussy are particularly big players in this world. The collaborations between New Era and streetwear giant Supreme have consistently yielded hats that are incredibly popular. These caps, often featuring unique designs and the iconic Supreme logo, can sell out quickly and fetch high resale prices.

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Pricing and Sales Strategies

ricing your hats appropriately is another critical aspect. It’s a delicate balance between understanding the market value and considering factors like rarity, condition, and demand. Tools like eBay’s sold listings can be invaluable in helping set the right price.

Choosing the right platform to sell your hats on is also crucial. While eBay, Etsy, and Depop are popular choices, each has its audience and fee structure. Your choice should align with where your target market shops. Instagram and Facebook can also be leveraged to reach a broader audience. The key to online sales is presentation and communication. High-quality photographs and detailed descriptions can significantly increase the likelihood of a sale, as with any good. Hats are usually relatively inexpensive, at least when compared to sneakers. As such, the ROI on hats is usually a lot higher than the likes of sneakers and there can even be more volume.