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5 Reasons Why Tickets Are The Best Item To Resell In 2023

août 3, 2023

The ever-expanding world of reselling is a dynamic and competitive market. From sneakers and collectables to NFTs and electronics, opportunities are countless. However, one niche stands out as being as lucrative of late as it is controversial: ticket reselling. In this piece, we will explore seven reasons why tickets may indeed be the best items to resell compared to others. Before we start, please note that reselling tickets for a profit is not legal in every jurisdiction so it is important to research laws in your area before delving into this world.

5. Limited Time Availability

Tickets have an inherently limited availability window even when compared to the most limited of sneakers, for example. Once an event is over, those tickets are gone forever, never to be reissued or restocked. This permanent scarcity drives up demand and can lead to significantly increased prices, especially when dealing with highly anticipated events or performances by world-renowned artists. An example of this is a tour by a famous artist that may not perform again in that city for another few years (or ever depending on things like age) or an iconic sporting event such as the FIFA World Cup which is only held every four years.

4. Lower Entry Barriers

When compared to other resell markets, tickets offer a much lower barrier of entry when it comes to both knowledge and sometimes price. The average person can easily understand the demand for a popular concert or football game, while understanding the value and demand for a limited edition comic book often requires specialized knowledge. While understanding the nuances of the ticket resale market can increase profitability, even beginners can easily comprehend the basics. The accessibility and ease of entry into the ticket reselling market is also sometimes reflected in the retail price of a ticket. Whilst a pair of Nike Dunks will cost you over $100, some concert tickets may be as low as $40 or even less!

3. Rapid Turnover

The nature of events being time-bound allows for rapid turnover in ticket reselling. Unlike a rare collectable where you might need to find the right buyer and could end up sitting on the item for weeks, months, or even years, tickets often sell quickly. As the event date approaches, potential attendees are actively seeking out available tickets, allowing you as a seller to move your ticket rapidly. This high turnover rate allows you to see quicker returns on your investments, making your capital available for the next opportunity. It is important to note that this may not always be the case depending on where you sell your ticket as some platforms don’t pay you until after the event.

2. Broad Market Appeal

The ticket resale market covers a diverse array of interests, allowing you to reach a wide range of demographics. Concerts, sporting events, theatre performances, conferences – the range of ticketed events is vast. In contrast, the market for a specific rare sneaker, or electronic gadget might be much narrower, limiting the pool of potential buyers. Reselling tickets allows for a broader market reach, increasing the odds of successful sales. Whether it’s pop music fans, sports enthusiasts, theatre lovers, or tech conference attendees, there’s always a market segment looking for tickets which can only benefit you as a seller.

1. It is Fun!

Ticket pricing can fluctuate dynamically based on various factors such as demand, seat location, artist popularity, team performance, weather conditions, and more. This dynamic nature of ticket pricing allows you to leverage real-time market conditions to their advantage. Whilst this may mean there is an increased element of risk, it can be both fun and lucrative. For instance, a sudden win streak by a sports team could significantly boost ticket prices for their next game. As a reseller attuned to these fluctuations, you can buy low and sell high, increasing profits.

That is not the only reason why reselling tickets is fun, however. Unlike some other resale markets, where the connection to the end buyer may be more transactional, ticket reselling often involves engaging with enthusiastic fans who have a deep emotional connection to the event or performance. This connection can lead to repeat business, word-of-mouth marketing, and a sense of satisfaction for you as a seller. Understanding and tapping into these passionate communities can not only make reselling more profitable but also more fulfilling and enjoyable as a business venture.

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