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Can You Make Money With Funko Pop NFTs?

juin 15, 2023

Funko is a household name in the collectibles industry, known for its bobbleheads and vinyl figures depicting various people and characters across pop culture. However, did you know they also made digital collectibles? Back in 2021, Funko procured a majority stake in TokenWave, the company behind TokenHead. TokenHead is the most popular NFT app which showcases over 10 million NFTs and attracts 100,000 visits every day. This acquisition provided Funko a solid foothold in the NFT realm, enabling it to augment its pop culture offerings with digital assets.

The company’s ambitious roadmap encompasses things like combining Funko Pop digital NFTs with exclusive Funko Pop Vinyl Figures. However, are these NFTs any good in 2023? Specifically, are they profitable? That is the question along with various others we hope to answer for you in this article.


Where To Buy Funko NFTs?

Before you even think about flipping Funko NFTs for profit, you will need to know how and where to buy them. The process is actually quite simple when compared with other NFTs. First, set up a Droppp account on the official Digital Funko website and choose your payment method (credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay).

Next, you will need to pick your preferred pack on whatever drop it is you’re buying. Usually, there are two pack types – the Standard Pack priced at $9.99 which gives you 5 NFTs, and the Premium Pack at $29.99 offering a set of 15 NFTs. That is it! Pretty simple really.

What is a Funko NFT Pack?

Funko’s NFTs are not a traditional art piece nor are they a profile picture project like many others. Instead, think of them like digital trading cards, covering a variety of characters from different domains like Television, Movies, Sports, Music, Anime, Video Games, and Comic Books. If you have ever played the likes of NBA2K or FIFA, buying a “pack” in either of these games is similar to buying a pack of Funko NFTs.

Each pack will contain a variety of cards that will have varying rarities ranging from Common to Grail. Additionally, each pack gives you a chance to reveal one of the rare Funko Digital Pop when opened, which can be redeemed for a free, limited edition, physical Pop. This is where the real potential to make money is, as we will discuss later.

Which Brands Have Funko NFTs?

Funko has over 150 licenses including Lucasfilm, Hasbro, DC Comics, NBA, and Disney, which suggests they have the potential to cover a variety of different brands with their NFTs. To date, Funko has released collections tied with the likes of Deadpool, Adventure Time, Scooby Doo, Star Trek, Batman, and much more.

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Where To Sell and Trade Funko NFTs?

Once purchased, these digital Funko NFTs can be traded on any WAX NFT marketplace. WAX is the blockchain on which these digital collectibles are stored and traded, confirming their uniqueness and authenticity. The most popular WAX marketplace for selling Funko NFTs is probably NFTHive. You can sell either each item in the pack individually or list an unopened sealed pack for sale.

Are Funko NFTs Profitable?

Finally, we come to the question you were probably most looking forward to us answering. Unfortunately, the answer to it isn’t so simple. The nature of Funko’s pack drop system means that each drop involves an element of chance and ultimately a gamble. However, certain licenses will be a more safe gamble than others and Funko does usually at least display the odds of hitting each rarity before you buy a pack. If you would like to be informed on the best and most profitable Funko NFT releases as well as the most profitable sneaker, collectibles, tickets, and more then sign up to Juiced for free by clicking here. Our experts inform you of the latest and greatest releases, meaning you can make much more informed decisions. On top of that, we provide numerous other tools like an auto-checkout tool and a listing tool, all of which make selling easy.

Often more profitable than the digital NFT cards themselves is the exclusive physical Funko pops which come redeemable in very lucky packs. These collectible figures can fetch hundreds and hundreds of dollars on platforms such as eBay, depending on which theme they are from. Another thing that impacts the prices of these exclusive physical figures is whether or not the theme in question already has Funko Pop’s and how rare they are if so. For example, the Avatar Fire Nation Aang figure which was available in lucky NFT packs a few months ago currently resells for $700, largely due to this character not having any figure previously.

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To conclude, Funko NFTs can certainly be a profitable venture. However, due to the element of the unknown that is involved, it is important to do your research on each of the different themes, characters, odds, and quantities associated which each release put out by Funko, as not every release may be worth the gamble. Most of the time though, you are likely to only lose a few dollars worst case whilst having the potential of making hundreds.