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CLOT x Nike x KakaWow & The “What The” Dunk: All You Need To Know

juillet 23, 2023

Nike and CLOT, a Hong Kong-based streetwear brand, have had a long-standing partnership which has seen them produce many unique pieces. Now they have teamed up again on a dunk coined the “What The”. Additionally, a third company has joined the collaboration, namely Chinese/ Hong Kong-based trading card company KakaWow. In this article, we are going to tell you all you need to know about the upcoming release. First, however, a quick history lesson.



Nike is a company that needs no introduction but CLOT and KakaWow may be less known. CLOT, co-founded by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon in 2003, has gained a cult following of sorts in the streetwear world for its East-meets-West aesthetic. The brand has collaborated with Nike multiple times over the years, resulting in some of the most sought-after sneakers in the market. These collaborations have included many Nike sneaker models, such as the Air Force 1, the Air Jordan and now the Dunk for the third time in celebration of CLOT’s 20th birthday.


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KakaWow is a trading card company which has only really burst onto the scene in the last few months. Its rise to prominence coincided with the release of its officially licenced Disney cards, which celebrated 100 years of Disney. These cards were hugely popular and as a result, resold for over 7 times their original retail price on the secondary market. In addition to Disney, the company also holds licenses to the likes of Marvel, Star Wars and more.

“What The” Dunk Low


When it comes to the actual shoe itself, it is a homage to many previously released collaborations between Nike and CLOT including the Air Jordan 13 Low ‘Sepia Stone,’ and the Dunk High ‘Flux’. With the “What The” Dunk, the left and right shoe will each feature a different colour pallet with one adopting a blue-black tone and the other a much brighter orange-red look.

Rumoured to be the last collab between the two brands, the shoe truly marks and end of an era and goes above and beyond to give fans something special. Not only will each pair feature extra laces and a special edition box, but they will also come with special edition trading cards. The card collection will feature 17 base cards, 4 parallel cards and lastly, two autograph cards by Edison Chen himself.


The cards celebrate the history of CLOT and Dunk, with each card featuring a different shoe the pair have teamed up on. Chen has said that each pack will contain one card and that each sneaker will come with one pack although currently neither Nike nor CLOT have confirmed this.

Finally, it is time for the information everyone wants to know. When and how can I get these sneakers? Well as of now, they are scheduled to be released exclusively via raffle online and in select CLOT locations and will retail for $150. The raffle online will be on the Juice app on the 24th of July and run until the 26th. Evidently, it would appear these will be quite hard to cop. However, if you would like to be informed should there be any additional releases then you should sign up to Juiced. Our app will inform you of the most profitable sneakers, collectables, NFTs and more being released. On top of that we have numerous tools to help sellers such as an auto-checkout tool, so sign up here today.