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New Integrations To Be Added To Juiced App

juillet 27, 2023

Allowing users to sync their selling accounts to the Juiced app has been one of our key selling points since we launched. By adding their accounts, we can enable users to list across multiple platforms at once as well as track their sales from one central hub. Currently, our app allows users to integrate their Amazon, eBay and Shopify accounts. However, we are pleased to confirm that two new sites will be added in the next couple of months, in line with our product roadmap for 2023.

At Juiced, we have always strived for excellence. With this in mind, we plan on allowing our users to integrate almost every account you can imagine in order to help them on their selling journey. However, we are also realistic and know that every platform can not be synced up at once. Whilst we plan on adding dozens of integrations this year, in the immediate future we will be adding two from the list below.

Facebook Marketplace: An e-commerce platform integrated within Facebook, facilitating buying and selling activities among local communities. Items range from clothing, electronics to home goods, collectables, and more. It leverages Facebook’s vast user base to promote direct transactions.

Alias ( GOAT/ Flightclub): Two connected platforms for buying and selling sneakers. GOAT offers a wide variety of new and used shoes, while Flightclub focuses more on brand-new, hard-to-find sneakers.

StockX: A leading online marketplace for buying and selling new and used high-demand consumer products, including sneakers, apparel, electronics, and more. It operates on a bid/ask system and verifies the authenticity of products before they are sent to buyers.

Mercari: A consumer-to-consumer selling platform that allows users to buy and sell a wide range of products, from clothing to electronics. It’s a straightforward platform known for its easy-to-understand fee system and shipping services and also its niche markets.

Grailed: A curated peer-to-peer marketplace focused on high-end fashion and vintage streetwear. It allows users to buy and sell gently used clothes, especially hard-to-find and limited-edition pieces.

Offerup: A mobile-centric marketplace for local buying and selling. Users can list items ranging from furniture, cars, electronics, and more. It combines the features of a social media platform with an e-commerce site, allowing users to interact and negotiate prices.

Always focusing on our community, we decided to let our users themselves decide which two of these websites we add in the next couple of months. This was done via a poll posted on our discord by CEO Benjamin Hall, where he asked users what they wanted to be added. In the end, after hundreds of votes, Facebook Marketplace and StockX won out.

Shubham Rawat, our Chief Technology Officer will be charged with building our FB Marketplace integration whilst Lead Data Engineer Dylan Jalbert will work on adding StockX. Both of these team members bring huge amounts of expertise which will help ensure these new integrations are as good as they possibly can be. They are both also familiar with the app, having played a primary role in its initial development and launch.

Before we conclude this article, we would again like to reiterate that these two integrations are only the beginning of our much wider plan to add dozens upon dozens of sites this year. We are also open to suggestions on integrations from our users and we encourage them to let us know their wishes in our Discord server. For now, though, we look forward to adding Facebook Marketplace and StockX to our platform by the end of the fall.

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