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How To Use the Power of Social Media To Increase Sales on Shopify in 2023

May 27, 2023

Shopify is one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms. If done right, using Shopify can see you take your small business and transform it into a million-dollar brand. One important tool when it comes to Shopify stores at any level is social media. Harnessing the power of social media can help you maximize your sales potential. And so, in this article, we’ll introduce you to the key strategies and techniques that will help you harness social media to boost your Shopify sales.

Identifying the correct social media platforms

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Not all social media apps are created equal. Each app broadly serves the same purpose but the likes of Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram differ hugely nonetheless. The most important aspect to note in regard to using social media to increase sales on Shopify is how each app has different demographics and user behavior (ie. it is generally accepted TiktTok has a much younger user base than Linkedln).

It’s important to identify the platforms that are most popular among your target audience, especially when engaging in social media marketing to promote your Shopify store. Before launching any serious marketing campaign you may want to research each social media’s demographics, user behavior, and engagement levels so you can make an informed decision on which app aligns best with your needs.

Social media profiles for your Shopify store

If you’re planning on your Shopify store sticking around for time to come you should definitely create social media accounts specific to the store. These profiles act as online storefronts of sorts in the sense they should represent your brand and attempt to engage potential customers. This is why visual identity is important when it comes to social media. Consistency in visuals across platforms helps reinforce brand recognition and creates a cohesive experience for your audience.

Moreover, word of mouth spreads quickly through social media which can really help your page and thus business to grow. If nothing else, a social media profile will at least act as an advert in its own right for your store. Most apps allow profiles to link their store in the bio or description of their profile. This provides a direct path for visitors to explore your products and make purchases. You should consider using a trackable link to monitor the traffic generated from your social media profiles, allowing you to see which links perform best.

Engage in Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has gained immense popularity as a highly effective strategy for promoting products and reaching a wider audience. Influencers are individuals with a significant following on social media who have established credibility and influence within a specific niche or industry. Influencer marketing is when you get these people to promote your product. There are some things to consider when it comes to influencer marketing. Firstly, you should consider which influencer you want to promote your products. You should take the time to research and identify influencers whose values, content, and audience align with your brand. It’s important these influencers also have quality content, an engaged following, and a genuine interest in your industry

Secondly, you need to think about what you actually want the seller to do to promote your product. Some Shopify sellers prefer positive reviews of their product done by the influencer whilst others opt for things like sponsored posts and giveaways. Either way, influencer marketing is certainly one way to not only increase brand awareness but actually drive qualified traffic to your store.

Leverage User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) has taken the Shopify and social media worlds by storm lately, especially on the likes of TikTok and Facebook Reels. It is crucial to leverage UGC in 2023 if you plan on using social media to boost your Shopify store. UGC is content created by your customers (or someone else you paid) that showcases their experiences with your products.

The organic feel of UGC is what leads many people to watch what is essentially just the same thing as influencer marketing. Of course, UGC is most effective when it is actually a real customer. It serves as social proof and can be a powerful tool for building credibility. You can encourage customers to share their experiences by using the likes of branded hashtags.


By leveraging social media effectively, you can maximize your sales on Shopify. Of course, there are many other ways to maximize sales on Shopify that don’t involve social media. For example, a solid inventory management system is crucial. That is where Juiced can help. Our app automatically imports your sales, orders, and more all into one central hub meaning you can spend more time increasing your store’s social media presence. In 2023 you really should be embracing the opportunities that social media presents, especially those outlined in this piece today.