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Nike Calm Slide vs Yeezy Slides: A Comparative Look

Luglio 10, 2023

Way back in January, Nike revealed it would be releasing a slide this summer. The result was the Nike Calm Slide which is finally scheduled to release Friday, July 14th. Many have been quick to point out the resemblance in the design of the slides to the highly sought-after Yeezy slide from Adidas. Thus, we thought why not take a closer look at the two side by side, so you as either a buyer or reseller can decide which option suits you best. In this article, we will look at a variety of factors including price point, design, colourways, and potential profitability from a reselling point of view.


Firstly, we will look at the design of each slide. Both pairs undoubtedly feature a similar foam material and an even more similar simplistic look. However, most Yeezy slides feature no branding, but it would appear Nike couldn’t help itself in this regard, with the iconic Swoosh being engraved into the foam of the slide. Additionally, the footbed also features a pretty big Swoosh while Yeezy sticks with a much more subtle Adidas logo, which is barely visible.

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The footbed also features engraved lines which are in contrast to the more smooth design of Yeezy’s footbed. Another slight difference between the two design-wise, is the fact that the Yeezy pair is just one singular piece of foam whilst the Nike Calm’s are two separate pieces stuck together, meaning there is an outsole similar to what is found on regular shoes.

Our Winner: When it comes to design, it is hard to split the two. On the one hand, Yeezy slides represent an iconic design that is both extremely comfortable, soft, and clean-looking. On the other hand, the outsole of the Nike Calm arguably makes them more durable and suitable for everyday use. However, even with this considered, it is hard to argue against the original design, which was so good that led Nike to copy Yeezy and create the Calm Slides in the first place. Thus, Yeezy takes the cake for us when it comes to design.


Next up, we will compare the price of each of the pairs. Both are relatively affordable compared to your average ‘hyped’ sneaker but both are also on the expensive side when compared to your average slide. The Nike Calm Slide is scheduled to release at a $50 price point in all 5 of the revealed colours. Yeezy slides meanwhile vary slightly in price depending on the colour of them but are generally either $60 or $70 in adult sizes.

Our Winner: Whilst Yeezy Slides and the brand are so iconic that they may be worth the price just to say you own a pair alone, it is hard to argue they represent better value than Nike’s iteration. The Nike Calm gives you an outsole for anywhere from $10-$20 less and so we’d have to say that price-wise, they represent the better deal if you’re buying for yourself.

Variety of Colourways and Aditional Choices


Due to the fact that Nike is yet to release any pairs of its Calm Slide, this criteria may be unfair to them but let’s take a look regardless. Currently, they are scheduled to release in five different colourways. These are “Black,” “Sail,” “Sesame,” “Geode Teal,” and “Jade Ice.” Each of these will release in both men’s and women’s sizes except the “Jade Ice” colourway which will be a women’s exclusive. Interestingly, a couple of these pairs are a very similar colour to some of those seen in Yeezy Slides, particularly the Sesame, and Sail. However, Yeezy offers many other additional colourways such as orange, brown, and blue variations. They also offer certain pairs in kids and infant sizes, which Nike are not expected to do with their release.

Our winner: As it stands, Yeezy offers a much more comprehensive catalogue of slides that features various unique colours and even sizes. For that reason, they are our winners here.


Next, we will look at each pair of slides strictly from a reselling point of view. Ever since their release, Yeezy Slides have commanded anywhere from 2-4x their retail price on platforms like StockX, meaning they are highly profitable. Unfortunately, it is hard to see the Nike Calm Slides replicating this and they are already listed at around the $80 mark.

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Our Winner: Perhaps unsurprisingly, when it comes to resale, we expect Yeezy to continue to outperform Nike’s version and so they are our winner here. However, as it stands both pairs are still profitable, although it remains to be seen whether the Calm Slides will hold their price post-release.

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Final Verdict

It is always hard to beat the original when attempting to replicate something like Nike clearly is trying to do with their Calm Slide. Despite their best efforts, we would have to say the Yeezy Slide is still superior after considering the criteria looked at in this article today. However, the Nike Calm Slide does still offer a potentially more accessible and affordable option for a similar slide that also has a sturdy outsole. Thus, you should not write it off completely if you are buying for personal wear and not reselling.