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Juiced’s Flip Of The Week: 10th-16th July 2023

Luglio 16, 2023

Welcome to Juiced’s Flip Of The Week for the week of July 10th-16th 2023. In this series of articles, we reveal our favourite (not necessarily the most profitable) product of the week each Sunday, allowing you to get a sneak peek of the rewards reaped by Juiced members. If you have been reading this series of articles, you will know by now that countless products have proven to be a gold mine for Juiced members, even the strangest of items. Take Cracker Barrel’s Halloween decorations, for instance, which is our Flip Of The Week this week.

Yes, you read that right. We are not only talking about Halloween decorations in July but also Cracker Barrel Halloween decorations. In recent years, these things have become a huge hit among Halloween enthusiasts, of which they are surprisingly many who collect. Whether it’s their nostalgic charm, intricate design, or unique themes, something about these decorations has struck a chord with consumers, leading to an increase in demand. Not just on the day of Halloween, mind you, but throughout the year, as shown here…

Img 8694

Believe it or not, Halloween decorations, much like Christmas ones, are highly collectable, for whatever reason. For many, the decorations released each year by Cracker Barrel (the restaurant company) capture the nostalgic essence of a classic American Halloween, hence their value. However, not all decorations released by the company resell for profit and it all depends on the quantity released. Last week though, the witch statue shown above was released, costing $50. This particular one seemed to be produced in quite low numbers and was released both in-store and online, although it sold out extremely quicker online. Thankfully, Juiced members were informed of the release which allowed them to go to their local store and check for stock. Had they been lucky enough to find the witch, they would be profiting upwards of $150 based on eBay sales. That is over a 4x return on investment!

Img 8693

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