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Juiced’s Flip Of The Week: 22nd – 28th May 2023

May 28, 2023

Welcome to Juiced’s Flip Of The Week for the week of 22nd-28th of May 2023. This new series of articles will see us reveal our favorite (not necessarily the most profitable) product of the week each Sunday, allowing you to get a sneak peek of the rewards reaped by Juiced members. This week we have selected a record vinyl containing the soundtrack of the popular video game Disco Elysium. If you would like to get access to information on how to resell Vinyls and much more including sneakers, clothing, collectibles, and NFTS sign up for free to Juiced here.

Flip Of The Week: Disco Elysium 3xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

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Record vinyl has begun to make somewhat of a resurgence in recent years, becoming highly collectible. One key factor behind the collectibility of vinyl records is their limited availability, with many being numbered and produced in small quantities. Furthermore, the physicality of vinyl records enhances their appeal. The large album covers, artwork, and liner notes provide an immersive experience that digital music can’t replicate.

In recent years, record labels have recognized the growing demand for vinyl and have started releasing new albums and reissues on the format. This has further contributed to the collectibility of vinyl, with special editions, colored vinyl variants, and limited pressings becoming highly sought-after items among collectors.

The Disco Elysium video game has a cult following, something that is reflected in the price of this vinyl which is composed by Sea Power. The crisp soundtrack featured in the game also makes it no wonder that this piece exists. The bundle also comes with three LPTrifold Jackets and a copy for digital download. On Wednesday Juiced members were given a link to purchase this piece at $59.99. If you don’t know much about vinyl selling, this price may seem steep. However, it is cheap when you look at what the vinyl is reselling for on the secondary market. Just last week a copy sold on Discogs for $300, meaning the potential ROI on this piece would be over 400%.

The most impressive thing is that this wasn’t even Juiced’s most profitable call of the week. However, it was definitely our favorite as what’s not to love about vinyl and video games joining forces?