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Juiced’s Flip Of The Week: 29th May – 4th June 2023

June 4, 2023

Welcome to Juiced’s Flip Of The Week for the week of May 29th-June 4th. In this series of articles, we reveal our favorite (not necessarily the most profitable) product of the week each Sunday, allowing you to get a sneak peek of the rewards reaped by Juiced members. This week we have picked a box of trading cards that were released by Topps last Wednesday – UEFA Club Competitions Inception 2023. If you would like to be informed of the most profitable sports card releases and much more including sneakers, clothing, collectibles, and NFTS then sign up to Juiced by clicking here.

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In recent years, sports card boxes, particularly from the likes of Topps, have become increasingly profitable. This shift is due to a renewed interest in card collecting, something that was accelerated by the pandemic. Topps, with its extensive history and credibility in the industry, has contributed significantly to this trend. Topps’ special edition releases and autographed cards mean there is always a potential for profit, making sports card box investing a lucrative venture for many. Their sealed boxes of cards often contain sought-after cards, which can skyrocket in value depending on the player’s performance and the rarity of the card. This Inception box is one of the most sought-after Topps releases each year. The cards inside are of premium quality and each box contains 1 autograph, with the checklist containing some of the world’s best footballers. For context, the 2021 version of this box, which was the first time this product was released, went for over $700 on the secondary market.

It is now 2 years later and a lot has changed. For starters, the 2023 Inception box was released via a raffle held on the Topps website. This differs from past years when it was released on a first-come, first-served basis. The box also saw a slight increase in its retail price this year, costing around $160 in total depending on shipping. However, despite the product not even being shipped yet sales are already nearing the $400 range on secondary markets such as eBay. What’s more is that there is a chance the box continues to rise once people receive it in hand, which is precisely what happened in 2021. Either way, Juiced members who got lucky in the raffle are sure to make huge profits.

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