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LaMelo Ball and Cristiano Ronaldo Release NFTs: What To Know

June 29, 2023

A new player has emerged in the last couple of years in the collectables world – NFTs. Now, we are beginning to see sports memorabilia cross over with NFTs more and more. By mixing sports with the world of cryptocurrency, these NFTs can be potentially intriguing investment avenues while simultaneously reimagining the fan culture landscape. This weekend, as June comes to a close, two huge names in the world of sports are releasing their own NFT collections. These are the NBA’s LaMelo Ball and soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. However, are these NFTs any good, and do they have the potential to be profitable? That’s what we will look at here today, starting with LaMelo Ball’s NFT Collection.

GutterMelo MB.03 Sneakers


Leading German sportswear brand Puma is the one driving this integration of non-fungibility into the world of sneakers. The apparel giant signed a $100million deal with the 21-year-old NBA sensation back in 2020. Now, the pair have teamed up with the innovative NFT project Gutter Cat Gang to debut the GutterMelo MB.03 range. One of the first big NFT projects, The Gutter Cats is a collection of 3,000 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain that double as membership tokens into the Gutter Cat Gang.

The LaMelo collection introduces a limited run of digital sneakers that are a fashion statement, to say the least. Boasting vibrant, heat-map-like aesthetics along with an artistic rendering of Gutter Cat Gang’s signature NFT, these sneakers embody a blend of creativity and exclusivity. A closer look reveals a “1-of-1” inscription, mirroring one of Ball’s personal tattoos. Rounding off the design are the names of all three collaborators, prominently displayed on the heel of the sneakers.

These digital collectables can be purchased for $175 using either ETH or Credit Card from June 29th on the OpenSea marketplace. Post the public sale, the owners of these NFTs can exchange the digital iteration for a tangible version from July 18th to August 20th.

This is the first time we will be seeing an MB.03, which features an entirely new design whilst continuing the chaotic aesthetic seen in the MB.01 and MB.02. Thus, it is very hard to say whether or not this NFT/Sneaker will be profitable or not, especially as the price is higher than previous iterations. Either way, this is certainly a release to keep an eye on, if not for the intriguing nature of it alone.

Forever CR7: The GOAT


The “Forever CR7: The GOAT” NFT collection will be the second released by Cristiano Ronaldo in collaboration with Binance. The pair have a multi-year partnership and this collection will celebrate CR7’s era-defining goal-scoring record.

Specifically, it will see 20 of his greatest-ever goalscoring moments immortalised in digital form. The collection, which will feature a whopping 29,000 NFTs will be split into different rarities. These will be Normal (N), Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), and Super Super Rare (SSR), each backed up with its perks. Normal NFTs will be available via a ForeverCR7 Box mechanism with a box costing 10 USDT. Prices will rise for each of the additional rarities until we finally get to the Super Super Rare which will be up for auction and initially priced at an enormous 15,000 USDT. These Super Super Rare NFTs will feature what they claim to be Ronaldo’s greatest goal ever, the bicycle kick he scored against Juventus. However, they will also give holders access to a one-on-one training session with Ronaldo himself.

Some of the other tiers will also have some sort of real-world utility, although it is more ambiguous. All we know for now is that you will have access to printable signed posters, personal messages, physical merchandise, future drop and giveaways. However, even with all this considered, it is hard to see how this collection could be profitable when it comes to reselling. This is mainly due to the first collection not performing all too well and the vast amount of NFTs being minted at 29,000.


What we can conclude from each of these NFT releases is that despite the big names involved, this is not everything when it comes to NFTs. Things such as real-world utility and art are what matter most and whilst the GutterMelo MB.03 Sneakers is a winner in this regard, it remains to be seen if it will be worthwhile. After all, Puma has already confirmed more MB.03 sneakers are on the way so what is to say a more desirable colourway won’t be released. However, this release in particular should still be examined closely whether you are an NFT reseller or Sneakerhead, as it may be how we see things done in the future.