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Juiced Expands Marketing Team With New Hires

July 9, 2023


Juiced recently successfully held the official launch of our new app, something that was years in the making. Now with that out of the way, the company has shifted its focus to further growing the brand beyond the app itself. With this said, we are happy to reveal the addition of two new members of staff, each of whom will be involved in our marketing efforts.


Blog Writer

Firstly, Juiced is pleased to announce that Seán O Reilly, a writer and Political Science student based in Ireland will be joining us, in a move that reflects our ongoing commitment to enhancing our content development. Despite his young age, Seán has years of experience when it comes to writing, having written previously for, a website which is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. In just a few months of writing for the UK-based pop-culture website, his articles received hundreds of thousands of views, generating huge amounts of traffic to the website.

Now on board with Juiced, Seán will be in charge of our revamped blog as well as our newly introduced news section. Our blog, which is available through the Juiced website, will feature one post every day, with the aim being to provide free educational guides and tips to help others on their selling journey. The blog will cover a variety of topics from selling on Shopify, Amazon and eBay to sneaker selling, NFT guides, tickets, and much more. It is hoped that this blog will help increase Juiced’s visibility on Google and thus increase traffic to our website and drive subscriptions to our service. Meanwhile, the newly launched News section of our website will be where you can learn about all the latest on-goings surrounding Juiced from investment news to staff hires and more.

As well as this, Seán will also play a role in our email marketing efforts, working closely with other marketing staff. Specifically, he will be tasked with sending out blog-related emails and user emails, in a bid to further draw in users.


In addition to our new blog writer, we are also pleased to announce that Elie Akl has come on board with us. Elie is an ESA Business School alumnus who will bring his Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expertise to the team at Juiced. Highly knowledgeable when it comes to driving traffic, he will work to improve not only our website but also our social media platforms. Having worked with The Marketing Agency, a Toronto-based company for three years, Elie founded his own Content Marketing and Growth Agency ‘Organerz’ in 2022. Organerz provides world-class e-commerce SEO strategies to direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands, using a combination of data and science.

Elie’s company’s website currently receives over 200,000 monthly visitors and serves 14 clients including the likes of Leafythings and Luxury Home Bar. With such a talented individual on board, we are confident that we can further improve Juiced’s overall SEO and general content with the aim being to increase our visibility, to help grow the brand.

Both of these new members will work in close coordination with our also newly enlisted Chief Marketing Officer Brandon Lane, as well as the rest of the Juiced content staff.

Lastly, we would like to thank all Juiced members for making expansions to our team like this possible. We hope that you begin to notice an increase in the quality of services we provide as a result of these additions.

If you are interested in joining the team at Juiced then we recommend keeping an eye on the careers page of our website. Here is where we will post all job openings, when and if they become available.

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