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Juiced IO INC Announces Plans for Juiced V2

November 29, 2023

At our recent annual investor’s call, Juiced announced its plans for Juiced V2. After successfully launching our app this year, we’ve made great progress towards achieving our vision of building the ultimate all-in-one platform for sellers. As we close out 2023, our commitment to this vision has never been stronger as evidenced by the plans we unveiled. Here is all you need to know.


First things first, when can you expect Juiced V2 to launch? Currently, we plan for a release around Christmas 2023, all things going well. At this point, existing and new members will have access to the new features we have been working so hard on, which are detailed below. Shortly following Juiced V2’s launch, we will launch a new sales strategy with the help of those at Valiant, a subsidiary of Juiced.

Reducing Churn Rate

Just after launching, we had a 63% churn rate. However, we’ve already reduced that down to 18%. Upon releasing our new update, Juiced V2, we plan to begin shifting our focus back to growing our user base again and reducing this number as much as possible.

What is Juiced V2?

Finally, we get to the most important question. What actually is Juiced V2? Well firstly, our user interface is getting a sleek makeover to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly environment, ensuring effortless navigation through the platform.

Furthermore, we are looking forward to the unveiling of our mobile app, poised to bring the convenience of Juiced right to your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Manage your listings, connect with buyers, and stay updated on the fly. In addition, we are expanding our integrative capabilities by adding StockX, Facebook Marketplace, and StubHub, opening up fresh avenues for buying and selling. These integrations are set to offer a seamless transition between platforms, amplifying the efficiency of your reselling journey.

We are also infusing our platform with Automation and AI prowess to accelerate every facet of the reselling process. Whether it’s listing items, managing orders, or analyzing market trends, our impending features promise a faster and more streamlined workflow. Moreover, the advent of the drafts and templates feature for ad listing is geared to simplify your listing process. Create templates for your commonly listed items and save drafts to revisit later, making listing quicker and easier than ever.

Last but not least, with the introduction of new pricing tiers, we aim to cater to an expanded demographic, ensuring resellers of all sizes can find a plan tailored to their needs.

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