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Juiced Launches Brand New Website

July 16, 2023

Juiced is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand-new, completely redesigned website, in what is yet another milestone for the brand. Our new site launch comes after several months of hard work and dedication from our team, with the primary goal of offering an enhanced, seamless, and user-friendly experience to our users and wider audience. This initiative is part of Juiced’s broader commitment to creating engaging spaces for people within the reselling industry.

“As an online service, we obviously understand the importance of a strong online presence, and the updated site not only showcases our exemplary service but also provides a wealth of useful resources and rich content”, said Juiced CEO Benjamin Hall on the launch. “I’d also like to publicly thank those who worked so hard behind the scenes to create the cleanest and smoothest website possible”.

Before we delve into some of the features of the new website, we will first briefly explain why we decided to revamp it.

Strengthen Brand Identity: The redesigned website strengthens our brand identity, presenting a cohesive, professional image that reflects our commitment to excellence as the industry leader we are. It is consistent with our designs and templates used on social media platforms, emails and marketing campaigns and also features our new logo, seen below.


Improve Communication: The new website design aims to improve our communication with users but also potential investors and other industry leaders. With streamlined contact forms, a comprehensive FAQ section, and an engaging blog, we have aimed to make it as easy as possible for visitors to engage with us.

Showcasing Our Evolution: Juiced has grown and evolved hugely since we first launched our website and is now an industry leader with investors and thousands upon thousands of monthly visitors. The revamp offers us an opportunity to mirror this progress, detailing our expanded service offerings, highlighting our successes, and outlining our future plans.

Now that we have discussed why we decided to launch the new website, we will below inform you of some of what you can expect from it, which can be found at

Modern and intuitive design: The new Juiced website features a clean design, with easy-to-navigate functionality. It was created with user experience in mind, ensuring visitors can easily navigate and find the information or assistance they seek. On top of that, we’ve aimed to make our website among the most visually appealing in the industry.

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Optimized for Mobile: In line with the shift towards mobile browsing, Juiced’s new website is optimized for mobile devices to ensure visitors have the best possible experience regardless of the device they’re using.

Blog and News Section: This section will serve as a new platform for the latest industry news, expert opinions, insights, and Juiced-related news, offering a wealth of information to our users and the broader community.

Help and Education: As well as educational blogs, our new site also features a vast and highly detailed troubleshooting and FAQ section covering dozens upon dozens of topics to do with our app, reselling in general, and Juiced as a company. The smooth layout of these sections makes it easy for users to navigate whatever topic it is they need help on. We have also included a section where users having any issues can reach out to us, should they need help.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews: At Juiced, we believe in the power of customer feedback. Not only does it help us to improve our service, but it also provides an authentic perspective for prospective clients and partners. With that in mind, we’ve ensured our new site features a Customer Reviews section, where visitors can read authentic testimonials from past and present customers.

In addition to all this, our website will of course also host download links to the Juiced app, links to our social media platforms, legal notices and more. We highly recommend exploring it by clicking here, if you have not already. As always, we are open to any feedback and suggestions, in particular, to do with the site.

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