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Juiced Moves Operations To The U.S.

July 6, 2023

Juiced is today pleased to announce that we have moved our company’s operations from the United Kingdom to Delaware, USA. Founded in 2019, Juiced has rapidly grown into an industry leader, specializing in reselling services. Our innovative services today serve a global clientele, primarily located across Europe, North America and Asia. This move to the US further underscores our company’s commitment to continued growth and innovation.

“Juiced’s decision to shift operations to the United States underscores the company’s commitment to maintaining a secure and growth-oriented business climate,” said Benjamin Hall, our CEO, when asked about the move. “We believe this move will ultimately benefit our customers, partners, and shareholders as we continue to scale globally and innovate relentlessly.”

One of the compelling reasons why the U.S. stands out as a business destination is its reputation as an innovation hub. Throughout history, companies in every sector, from manufacturing to services, have thrived and grown thanks to the creative atmosphere the U.S. provides. As Juiced continues to evolve its offerings, we hope this culture of innovation can provide an improved environment for the company to foster creativity. The American ecosystem which is filled with startups, tech giants, and world-class universities, offers an unparalleled opportunity for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and staying on top of emerging trends.

Moreover, the United States boasts one of the largest consumer markets globally, with over 331 million people. The diversity within this market is also another asset to us as a company. As Juiced transitions its operations to the U.S., the potential to tap into this wide-ranging market in addition to global markets, offers a wealth of opportunities for business growth. As well as this, the country holds significant cultural influence worldwide, especially when it comes to niches within our servicing offerings such as fashion, collectables and e-commerce. This influence can help shape global consumer trends and preferences. We feel that by moving to the U.S., we can align our service with these trends when necessary, with the hopes that this will increase the quality of the service we provide as well as profits.

In addition to the company itself, CEO Benjamin Hall has also relocated to the US. Specifically, he has moved to Miami, Florida. There are of course numerous reasons for this move. For starters, Miami offers a vibrant ecosystem conducive to the e-commerce sector. On top of that, with its rich blend of cultures and a rapidly growing tech scene, Miami is becoming a significant player in the digital economy. This city, often dubbed the ‘Silicon Beach’, is renowned for its tech-savvy talent pool, innovative spirit, and favourable business climate. We believe that this move to such a city will open up the possibility of collaborations, partnerships, and an opportunity to tap into fresh perspectives for Juiced as a company.

To conclude, we believe the U.S. offers a conducive environment for businesses like Juiced to thrive. The innovative culture, and extensive and diverse market, provide an ideal mix that can help Juiced realize its strategic vision and achieve sustained growth. With this move, we are well-positioned to capitalize on these advantages and ascend to new heights in the global market. We would like to thank our staff, investors and most importantly users for supporting us as we mark yet another milestone in Juiced’s history.

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