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How To Make Money Reselling Record Vinyls

Novembro 6, 2023

Vinyl records, a staple of music history, have made an impressive comeback in recent years. Once thought to be a relic of the past, they are now treasured by collectors and music enthusiasts, breathing life into the art of physical music collections. For resellers, the resurgence of vinyl offers an opportunity to delve into the world of these grooved treasures for profit. In this article, we will give you a quick rundown of the basics of vinyl reselling!

Understanding the Vinyl Revival

Before jumping into reselling, it’s essential to grasp why vinyl records have re-emerged as a popular format. Unlike digital downloads or streaming, vinyl offers a tangible connection to music. The cover art, liner notes, and the ritual of playing a record are unique experiences that digital can’t replicate. This allure drives demand, which is a key factor in profitable reselling.

What Makes A Profitable Vinyl

There are some key factors that contribute to the immediate profitability of vinyl. Limited runs are a significant element. When artists release a special edition of an album on vinyl, whether it’s coloured, picture discs, or heavyweight 180-gram records, these limited issues can become instant collectables. Often, they’re snapped up by fans and collectors alike, leaving a gap in the market that savvy resellers can fill.

for example, Taylor Swift’s surprise 2020 album “Folklore” had several limited-edition vinyl pressings that became instant collectables. One of the most sought-after was the “In the Trees” edition, which featured a unique colour pressing. The retail price for this edition was around $25-$30, leading to a quick sell-out. On the resale market, this edition was seen selling for upwards of $100-$150 shortly after release, particularly for sealed copies in mint condition.

Another factor is the allure of exclusivity. Retail giants like Target, Walmart, or independent record stores sometimes offer exclusive versions of vinyl records with bonus tracks, alternative artwork, or bundled merchandise. These exclusives are produced in limited quantities, and once they sell out, they can often be found on resale platforms at a markup.

Pre-orders also play a pivotal role. For highly anticipated albums, placing pre-orders can secure a copy before public release. Upon release, if demand exceeds supply, those who missed out are sometimes willing to pay a premium to get their hands on a copy.

However, not every new vinyl release is a ticket to instant profit. Discerning which records have this potential requires insight into current musical trends, fanbase devotion, and the artist’s historical sales performance. Additionally, some vinyls may be suited to a more long-term hold as opposed to a quick flip.

Sourcing Vinyls

To capitalize on the vinyl resurgence, you’d need to stay on the pulse of the music industry, as previously mentioned. Following artists, labels, and retailers on social media and subscribing to newsletters can give you a heads-up on upcoming releases, especially limited editions.

Attending record fairs and conventions can also provide insight into what the community is buzzing about and what’s likely to sell out.

Another strategy is to partner with local record shops. They might offer you the opportunity to buy certain records in advance or reserve extra copies for you, given you’ve developed a good business relationship with them.

Additionally, online platforms can be valuable resources. Signing up for alerts from websites like Vinyl Me, Please or participating in forums like Reddit’s /r/vinyl can give you real-time information on what’s hot.

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Selling Vinyl

Selling vinyl records in today’s market requires a blend of savvy marketing, keen pricing strategies, and an understanding of the collector’s psyche. When you’re looking to sell vinyl records, whether they’re modern limited editions or vintage classics, presentation and authenticity play crucial roles. Start by ensuring the vinyl is in pristine condition; this means clean records, unblemished sleeves, and a clear description of any unique features. Most modern collectable vinyls often come with digital download codes, exclusive artwork, or special edition extras – these should all be highlighted when listing your item.

The platforms you choose to sell on can also make a big difference as well. While eBay and Discogs are popular choices due to their large user bases of collectors, social media platforms like Instagram can also be powerful tools. They allow you to create a visual narrative around the vinyl you’re selling, which can appeal to collectors who value the aesthetics and story behind their purchases. On top of that, leveraging the right hashtags can attract buyers from across the globe.