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Valiant Pivots To Professional Sector

Julho 29, 2023

We can today announce that Valiant Business Services LLC, a subsidiary of Juiced IO INC, has pivoted to the professional services sector. This change reflects our desire to concentrate our expertise and offer a bespoke, high-value service that recognizes the unique needs of the professionals we serve.

About Valiant

For those unaware, Valiant Business Services LLC is a marketing and business consulting agency dedicated to helping professional businesses gain new clients and increase brand reputation. Previously, Valiant was known for its work in the reselling industry, where we established a reputation for crafting marketing strategies that garnered attention and drove sales. However, after thoughtful consideration and a thorough evaluation of the market, we decided to pivot to the professional services sector.

You may wonder, why the shift to professional services? The answer is simple: By focusing solely on the professional services market, we can put our decades of experience operating, working with and marketing professional business services to better use. This will help us provide finely tailored solutions that generic, all-encompassing marketing firms simply cannot match.

For more information on the exact services Valiant will be offering going forward, please see below.

Social Media Management

If you are a business, social media is about creating a compelling narrative, engaging with your audience, and driving them to action. Our team of social media strategists and content creators will design a comprehensive plan, tailored to each platform your audience frequents, whether that’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or others. We’ll regularly monitor and engage with your audience, driving engagement and conversion rates. This will be done through things like caption/hashtag creation, professional graphic design as well as other features we offer.

Email Marketing

In addition to social media, email marketing remains one of the most effective methods to reach and engage your audience. Our team will design email marketing campaigns that engage your audience and potential leads, whether through regular newsletters, blog emails, follow-up emails and more. We’ll segment your audience to deliver the relevant messages to relevant groups and employ robust tracking tools to monitor open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO experts understand the complex and ever-changing landscape of search engine optimization. Local SEO, sitemap creation, blog writing, keyword research/analysis, meta tags, content optimization, schemas, backlinks, technical audits, analytics setup, plus more is all inclusive with Valiant’s premium SEO package. The end goal is simple: make your business more visible on search engines, attract more organic traffic, and convert those visitors into clients.

Website Creation

If you are making your first website or just simply want a new one, our team of skilled designers and developers will work with you to create a website that not only looks fantastic but also functions flawlessly. We understand that a website is more than a digital brochure; it’s an essential tool for lead generation, client service, and brand building.

Setup Services

In addition to all this, Valiant also offers multiple different one-time services to get your business off the ground. Local service ad account setup, social profile setup, analytic tracking setup, company directory setup, and IT security setup are all included in our business set-up plan to help ensure your business is properly equipped for the digital age.

If you would like to learn more about Valiant, including additional features as well as pricing then you can visit the website by clicking here. This is also where you can contact the team, should you wish to enquire about any of the services discussed here today for your business.

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