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Share your referral code or link on social media, sell forums, or communities. You can find your unique code or link under your partner dashboard (web) or partner tab (mobile).

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Educate people you connect with on how to sell with Juiced. Every time they buy a subscription, you get 50% of their signup fee. Since our subscription costs £40 / €45 / $50 per month, you get £20.00 / €22.50 / $25.00.

Get paid

Track your performance from your partner dashboard and watch your earnings automatically build up. Every Friday you'll receive a weekly payout to the payment method on file.

Our partners

Romulus Jay Remo

Meet Romulus. Commonly known as Yvngrice on TikTok and Instagram, he has over 1 million followers across all his different social media platforms. Yvngrice has been promoting Juiced for over 3 months and is a proud partner of our program, primarily using his influence on TikTok to generate sales.

Gabriel Feliciano

This is Gabe. Also referred to as pinoyplug, he boasts six-hundred-thousand followers. 500k on TikTok & 100k on Instagram accounts. Gabe was our first ever partner and has been our most successful yet, making thousands of dollars thanks to our program in combination with his creativity and already growing social media presence.

Chance Dubinick

Say hello to Chanced. Chanced has over 300,000 followers combined. He primarily promoted us on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and of course TikTok where the bulk of his followers are present. Chanced was with us in 2021 and whilst being a partner of ours has pocketed over $4000 thanks to our program.