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Social Media Strategies for Increasing Traffic to Your Shopify Streetwear & Sneaker Store

July 1, 2023

Social media platforms such as Instagram in particular have long been popular places for resellers to advertise and sell their products, especially in the sneaker world. However, there may come a time when your business outgrows social media and needs its own store. Shopify is probably the easiest platform to set up when the time is right, but even then transitioning from social media marketplaces to an independent Shopify store can seem daunting. However, leveraging your existing social media presence to drive traffic to your new Shopify store can make this transition that bit easier. In this article, we hope to show how you can do it:

Creating a Seamless Transition

When transitioning from social media marketplaces to Shopify, you should try your best to provide a smooth, effortless experience for your customers. A sudden or drastic change may deter your audience. Below are some ways to help with a smooth transition:

Continuity in Branding: You should keep your branding consistent across platforms whether it be Instagram or Shopify. If your social media channels are using specific colours, fonts, or language styles, be sure your Shopify store reflects that. This consistency will provide familiarity to your customers and reinforce your brand identity.

Website Link Integration: This one is quite obvious but it is worth noting regardless. Make sure that your Shopify store link is visible and accessible on all your social media platforms. Put the URL in your bio, posts, stories, and any promotional content. This way, your audience can easily find and access your new store.

Customer Testimonials: Share customer reviews or testimonials of purchases made from your Shopify store on your social media and vice versa. Positive reviews can motivate your followers to visit your new store and make a purchase.

Behind-the-Scenes Content: Consider showing your followers what’s going on behind the scenes as you set up your Shopify store. This can not only build anticipation and act as a marketing tactic but also make your followers feel like they are part of your brand’s journey.

Effective Communication: Keep your customers informed about the transition. Explain why you’re moving to Shopify, how it will improve their shopping experience, and what they can expect. Regular updates about the transition process can help manage expectations and reduce confusion or frustration.

Incentivize the Transition: To encourage your followers to shop on your new platform, consider offering exclusive discounts or giveaways for those who make purchases on your Shopify store. This can incentivize your social media followers to visit and shop from your Shopify store.

Utilise Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping can also be a powerful tool if you are looking to transition to Shopify, as it allows you to create a mini storefront within the social media platform itself and link your Shopify. By using this feature, your Instagram posts become shoppable, meaning customers can purchase your products directly from your posts. Here are some tactics to leverage Instagram Shopping:

Product Tagging: Instagram Shopping allows you to tag products in your posts and stories, which, when clicked, lead directly to the product page on your Shopify store. This is obviously a great way of redirecting traffic to your store.

Shoppable Stories & IGTV: These days, you shouldn’t just limit yourself to posts on Instagram, especially with Instagram Shopping. You can now use shoppable stickers on both your Instagram stories and IGTV videos.

Shopping Tab on Profile: Instagram also features a Shopping tab on your profile, which essentially serves as a catalogue of your products. Make sure you utilize this tab to its fullest by regularly adding all your products.

Checkout on Instagram: This feature allows customers to complete their purchases without leaving Instagram, providing a seamless buying experience. Whilst this means you don’t exactly forward your customers to your Shopify store, it has its benefits regardless. By linking this feature with your Shopify store, you are able to manage all sales in one place.


Transitions are always challenging, but by leveraging the power of social media in the ways we have explained in this article, you can potentially help ensure that your move to Shopify is a success. Remember, consistency and engagement are key on both social media and Shopify. The tactics we have discussed today can often be employed in other niches too and are not exclusive to just sneakers and streetwear. If you want to be informed of the most profitable releases across sneakers, collectables, tickets, electronics and more then you should consider signing up for Juiced. On top of that, our app contains a variety of tools to help you when it comes to selling on Shopify such as an inventory management hub. You can sign up today here.