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The Juiced Guide To: Making Money Selling Hot Wheels

July 12, 2023

Hot Wheels has been a major player in the world of collectible toys since its inception in 1968. With their miniature die-cast cars, vibrant designs, and intricate details, Hot Wheels has become synonymous with pop culture. They were initially intended to be children’s playthings, but over the years, they’ve become so much more. They’ve grown into a hot commodity for collectors, creating a substantial secondary market, with certain Hot Wheels cars having seen their value skyrocket over time. Some rare models have even been sold for thousands of dollars, making them a potential goldmine. This is particularly true in recent years, during which almost all collectibles have seen an increase in demand and value. And so, in this article, we will attempt to introduce you to the profitable world that is Hot Wheels.

What Actually Are Hot Wheels?

In case you have been living under a rock for the last few decades, here is a brief introduction to Hot Wheels. Hot Wheels is a brand producing miniature diecast models of cars, which are often famed for their vibrant colors, quirky designs, and, relevance in pop culture. The brand has been owned by Mattel since its inception and has grown year on year in recent years, as indicated by the graph below.

Hot Wheels

Where To Buy Profitable Hot Wheels?

There are a variety of stores both online and brick-and-mortar that sell profitable Hot Wheels. Basic and sometimes even profitable hot wheels can be found nearly everywhere from Target to dollar stores to even some drug stores. Traditionally, however, the most profitable releases will be found on Mattel Creations. This is Mattel’s site where they sell their most coveted and collectible toys across their various licenses such as Barbie, WWE, and of course Hot Wheels. In order to get access to a lot of the best Hot Wheels releases here, you will need to sign up for an RLC membership. By joining the Red Line Club (RLC), you will get exclusive access to highly collectible cars, special news & forums, and more. The membership cost $9.99 per year, a relatively low and worthwhile investment if you are serious about buying and selling Hot Wheels.

If you want to be informed of the most profitable Hot Wheels releases as well as the latest sneakers, collectibles, tickets, NFTs and more then you can sign up to Juiced for free here. Our all-in-one selling app not only provides the most up-to-date information on the best releases but also contains a variety of tools to help you on your selling journey.

What Makes A Profitable Hot Wheels Car?

Each year, there are millions and millions of Hot Wheels produced meaning the vast majority will be unprofitable and only designed to be seen as children’s toys. However, as you should know by now from this article, there are of course certain releases that can make you some nice money, potentially even thousands of dollars. With that said, we will now look at some of the criteria that make up a potentially profitable Hot Wheels release.

Pop Culture Tie-Ins: Hot Wheels that tie into pop culture phenomena, such as Star Wars or Marvel superheroes, often have significant appeal. These cars are not only attractive to Hot Wheels enthusiasts but also to fans of the relevant pop culture franchise, broadening the potential buyer pool. Not all collaborations will be profitable, but a lot of them will end up being, at least, good long-term holds.

Treasure Hunts: Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt series, first introduced in 1995, includes highly coveted models. Each year, Hot Wheels releases a very limited number of cars, usually 15, as part of this series. These models, which can be thought of as chase variants, come with unique graphics and usually a ‘TH’ logo, making them identifiable and prized by collectors. The best thing about Treasure Hunts is that they are randomly inserted into cases of Hot Wheels. This means that they can be found at regular and accessible retail stores such as Walmart and Target, grocery stores, drug stores, and almost any other place that sells Hot Wheels.

Signature Series: Models part of special lines, such as Hot Wheels Elite or the previously mentioned RLC (Red Line Club) series, are usually the cars that fetch the most money on the secondary market. These premium lines feature superior detailing and quality and oftentimes special packaging. An example of an RLC release that Juiced members were recently informed about was the Pink Nissan Skyline GT-R. This car cost just $25 but now goes for over $100 on eBay, representing a 4x return on investment. What’s more, is that these types of releases often rise in price over time.

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To conclude, flipping Hot Wheels can certainly prove profitable. However, it is important to do your research as the vast vast majority of Hot Wheels are close to worthless. By considering some of the key criteria discussed above, you can get a better idea of which cars may be money-makers, but even then just because a Hot Wheels fits one of these criteria, it will not always be profitable.

By now, we hope you have some idea about reselling Hot Wheels. Be sure to check in next week for another addition of The Juiced Guide To, where we will cover another random topic to do with reselling.