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The Juiced Guide To Profiting Off Funko Pops

August 2, 2023

When one thinks of a reselling market, it’s typically tickets, sneakers, or perhaps even electronics that spring to mind. However, a lot more markets have exploded in recent years, one of which is the collectables market. Within this market, Funko Pops are one type of product that has taken off in particular.

For the unaware, Funko Pops are stylized vinyl figures, bringing to life characters from an extensive range of franchises, from Marvel and Disney to Game of Thrones and Friends. However, as you will soon realise, these figures are a lot more than moulded vinyl and can in fact be highly profitable.

Buying Funko Pops

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Tens of thousands of Funko Pop figures are released each year so of course not all of them will be money makers. In fact, only a select few will make you some dough so it’s essential you make the right choices of what to buy. Crucial to these choices are exclusives and limited editions. These unique figures are often linked to specific events or retailers and are limited in number, thereby driving their demand and value.

One of the hotbeds for exclusive releases is large conventions like the San Diego Comic-Con. Being present at these events or having connections who can source exclusives for you can be a solid strategy. Additionally, retail outlets, including the likes of Walmart, Target, Hot Topic, and BoxLunch, also frequently stock store exclusives. Regular visits to these stores, or even building relationships with their staff, can give you early access to these exclusive pieces. Furthermore, “chase” figures, which are rarer variants of a specific Funko, can be found almost everywhere. Depending on the character, these chases can often go for multiple times the price of the regular figure so try to keep an eye out for the “Chase” sticker. When buying these types of figures it’s important you ensure their authenticity, as fakes can be prevalent in the market. This can usually be done by just looking at the box as well as feeling out the quality of it.

The concept of ‘vaulting’ is another important factor. When Funko decides to cease the production of a particular figure, it becomes ‘vaulted.’ This discontinuation can naturally elevate its rarity and desirability, leading to a surge in its market value, once again depending on the character. This is why keeping your finger on the pulse of popular culture can be helpful. Be it the release of a blockbuster movie, a viral TV show, or even a trending meme, these cultural phenomena often influence the Funko Pop landscape. Interestingly, even the less well-known characters from beloved franchises can gain value. These ‘niche’ figures can resonate strongly with hardcore fans, resulting in unexpected profits.

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Selling Funko Pops

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The goal is to sell your Funko Pops when they’ve reached a peak value, but determining this peak can be somewhat elusive. Use platforms such as Pop Price Guide and hobbyDB to track the value of your figures over time. Additionally, pay attention to relevant events. For instance, the value of Star Wars Funko Pops might spike around the release of a new Star Wars movie. Timing your sale correctly is often the difference between a decent profit and an outstanding one.

In terms of where to sell your Funko pops, there are multiple options. Traditional sites such as eBay are always a good bet as are social media pages. However, there are also platforms specifically for Funko trading, offering a focused marketplace. For example, take Pop Price Guide which also offers a buying and selling function.

Managing Funko Pops

Whilst oftentimes you will be flipping Funkos relatively quickly, other times you may be investing for the long term. When doing this, it is important to have a good system in place. Once again, tools like Pop Price Guide are useful here as is Juiced. Equally crucial is preserving the quality of the figures. Most collectors value the packaging as much as the figure itself, so maintaining their pristine condition is essential. Thankfully, you can buy special ‘Pop Protectors’ to help you with this.


Reselling Funko Pops is an intricate business that requires more than just buying low and selling high. It demands an understanding of pop culture as well as general reselling knowledge. However, we hope it isn’t too difficult to get your head around now that you have read this article.