24th Feb 2024

5 Lego Sets To Consider Investing In In 2024

Over the past few years, investing in LEGO has become a popular strategy for those looking to diversify their investment portfolios. With that said, you may want to look into these particular sets!

17th Feb 2024

5 Hyped Sneaker Collabs Happening In 2024

Just like the last few years, 2024 will be sure to witness some of the most exciting and innovative collaborations yet. That said, this article delves into five sneaker collaborations coming in 2024.

10th Feb 2024

The Best Local Selling Platforms In 2024

there's a growing trend towards local reselling platforms that cater to community-based buying and selling. Here's a look at five of the best platforms for local sales this year...

3rd Feb 2024

The Juiced Guide To Selling Tickets On Lysted

Selling tickets on Lysted offers a great opportunity to tap into a wide market with the convenience of a single platform. This guide will tell you all you need to know about the platform...

27th Jan 2024

The Juiced Guide To: Sports Cards Reselling Terminology

This guide aims to demystify the terminology you're likely to encounter in the sports card reselling market, making your journey smoother and more profitable.

20th Jan 2024

The Best Items To Flip On eBay In 2024

As we venture into 2024, eBay remains a powerhouse for flippers seeking to turn a profit. However, the key to triumph lies in knowing what items to focus on...

13th Jan 2024

Top 5 Air Jordan Releases Happening In 2024

The Air Jordan brand always sees some amazing and highly profitable releases throughout the year. Here is a look at 5 pairs which are among the best to be coming in 2024!

6th Jan 2024

10 Strategies to Elevate Your Online Selling Business in 2024

This article aims to provide a guide on ten effective strategies to elevate your online selling business this year.

28th Dez 2023

7 Sneaker Reselling Trends Emerging In 2024

his article aims to show you how technological advancements, shifting consumer preferences, and sales strategies are influencing the way sneakers are bought, sold, and perceived in 2024...

19th Dez 2023

Where To Sell Online: The Ultimate Guide

With numerous online selling platforms available, choosing the right one for your products can be a game-changer....

15th Dez 2023

The Juiced Guide To Ticket Reselling Terminology

This guide will walk you through the essential terms and phrases, helping you become a savvy player in the ticket reselling game.

8th Dez 2023

The Juiced Guide To Making Money With Home Goods

While the likes of sneakers and collectables have their charm, the market for home goods is vast and often untapped. Here is all you need to know about said market...

30th Nov 2023

5 HYPED Sneaker Releases Happening In December 2023

As we close out 2023, Nike and others have been revealing their final releases of the year. The festive period usually brings some hugely hyped releases and this year is no different...

24th Nov 2023

Vinted: A New Place To Resell Sneakers and Clothes?

With a growing number of people looking for sustainable shopping options and great deals on pre-owned items, Vinted provides an accessible and user-friendly marketplace. In this blog, we will explore

17th Nov 2023

The Juiced Guide To Making Money Reselling Hats

Hats vary in style, from snapbacks and fitted caps linked with sports teams and streetwear brands to the more stylish bucket hats. They can all be potential money-makers though with the right info...

6th Nov 2023

How To Make Money Reselling Record Vinyls

Vinyl records, a staple of music history, have made an impressive comeback in recent years. With this comes potential to profit, but how?

27th Okt 2023

What To Know About Selling On Facebook Marketplace In 2023

Once a simple community board for individuals to sell second-hand items, Facebook has grown into a hub for businesses and individual sellers alike. Here's an updated primer on what you need to know!

20th Okt 2023

What To Know About Sneaker Reselling In 2023

here was a time when sneaker reselling was a goldmine, with certain pairs fetching returns that would make stock market traders envious. Fast forward to 2023 however, and the landscape has evolved...

5th Sep 2023

Best Niches For Ticket Reselling In 2023

As the landscape of ticket reselling evolves, at Juiced we are always on the hunt for the next lucrative niche. No longer confined to mainstream sports and concerts, ticket reselling has changed...

29th Aug 2023

The Juiced Guide To Making Money With Sports Cards

The sports card market has absolutely exploded over the past few years. This article will tell you how to take advantage of that...

7th Aug 2023

Juiced’s Flip Of The Week: 1st-6th August 2023

This week we feature a print of one of the world's most famous artists from Obey Giant...

5th Aug 2023

Shopify Payment Gateways: A Comparative Analysis

Payment gateways can significantly affect your customers' buying experience and, ultimately, your store's conversion rate. For those using Shopify, a variety of payment gateways are available....

3rd Aug 2023

5 Reasons Why Tickets Are The Best Item To Resell In 2023

Ticket reselling: both controversial and profitable. Here is why it is the best!

2nd Aug 2023

The Juiced Guide To Profiting Off Funko Pops

Funko pop figures are a lot more than moulded vinyl and can in fact be highly profitable. Here is a guide to help you understand how

2nd Aug 2023

A Beginner’s Look At Sneaker Reselling Terminology

Every niche has its jargon, and the sneaker reselling game is no different. Here are 10 words of sneaker reselling terminology you must know before you start...

30th Jul 2023

Juiced’s Flip Of The Week: 23rd-30th July 2023

Welcome to Juiced’s Flip Of The Week for the week of July 23rd - 30th 2023. This week we feature one of the most hyped sneaker releases of the year, which saw three big brands collaborating...

29th Jul 2023

6 Ways To Improve Your Product Page on Shopify in 2023

The importance of a stellar product page on Shopify cannot be overstated. It serves as the frontline of your customer engagement, where decisions to buy or not are made. Here is how you can improve...

28th Jul 2023

Reselling on eBay: Specializing vs. Generalizing

A tough question that often faces people looking to get into eBay reselling is to whether to specialize or generalize. This article may help you answer that question...

27th Jul 2023

Is Reselling Tickets Legal?

The world of ticket reselling or 'ticket touting' is often shrouded in controversy. While it can be a lucrative opportunity, the legality surrounding this practice is not uniform. Here is some info...

26th Jul 2023

The Juiced Guide To Making Money Off Comics

Comic books have been long sought after within the world of collectables. These days there are comics depicting almost everything. Despite this, however, it is still superhero comics that remain...

25th Jul 2023

A Beginners Guide To Retail Arbitrage on Amazon

This article aims to guide beginners into the uncomplicated yet potentially profitable world of retail arbitrage on Amazon...

23rd Jul 2023

CLOT x Nike x KakaWow & The “What The” Dunk: All You Need To Know

CLOT x Nike x KakaWow? Trading Cards x Sneakers? This is a collab you never knew you needed. Here is all you need to know...

22nd Jul 2023

How To Automate A Shopify Store: Tips and Tricks

One way in which you can grow your Shopify store is by automating your store as much as possible. But how? Find out here.

21st Jul 2023

Selling Sneakers On eBay: Is It Worth?

Long-established platforms like StockX and GOAT have been leading the way for years now when it comes to hubs for reselling hyped and rare sneakers. But what about eBay...?

20th Jul 2023

4 Key Things To Know Before You Start Reselling NFTs In 2023

Understanding the fundamentals of NFTs and the blockchain is crucial before diving into this digital realm. With that in mind, in this article, we will take you through five things you need to know...

19th Jul 2023

The Juiced Guide To How To Use Nike SNKRS App

In this article, we will run down the ways you can manipulate the SNKRS app to give yourself a better chance of securing the most hyped sneakers. Firstly...

18th Jul 2023

Increase Amazon Sales: How to Win the Buy Box

Looking to increase Amazon Sales? Winning the buy box can certainly help with that. Here is how to do that!

17th Jul 2023

All Nike SNKRS App Release Mechanisms: Explained

FCFS? Drawings? Shock Drops? Exclusive Access? This article runs down each release mechanism in the Nike SNKRS app and some tips and tricks on how to deal with each mechanism...

16th Jul 2023

Juiced’s Flip Of The Week: 10th-16th July 2023

Welcome to Juiced’s Flip Of The Week for the week of July 10th-16th 2023. This week we are not only talking about Halloween decorations in July but also Cracker Barrel Halloween decorations...

15th Jul 2023

Shopify Fees: What are the Costs Involved in a Shopify Store?

Running a Shopify store can be an expensive venture, but what are the costs exactly? Here is a rundown of Shopify fees and costs

14th Jul 2023

The Future of eBay Selling: Emerging Trends and Predictions

What is the future of eBay selling? Find out here as we take you through some emerging trends and predictions that may help your eBay selling experience

13th Jul 2023

6 Tips for Maximizing Profits Reselling Tickets In 2023

Here are some ways you can up your ticket reselling game to maximise the profits you make.

12th Jul 2023

The Juiced Guide To: Making Money Selling Hot Wheels

These tiny die-cast cars can be serious money makers in 2023. But with millions made each year it can be hard to understand how. Here's some help...

11th Jul 2023

Understanding Amazon’s Pan-European FBA Program

If you're European, then Amazon's Pan-European Fulfilment option may be of use to you. Here are its benefits...

10th Jul 2023

Nike Calm Slide vs Yeezy Slides: A Comparative Look

Nike is soon to release its "Calm Slide", what many have called a blatant copy of the iconic Yeezy Slide. How true is this though?

8th Jul 2023

10 Best Apps On Shopify For Resellers To Boost Efficiency and Profitability 

Transitioning to Shopify can be hard as a reseller but these apps will make it that bit more easy...Here are the best apps on Shopify for you

7th Jul 2023

eBay vs Mercari 2023: Where To Sell Collectables?

Mercari has exploded in popularity in recent years, becoming a hub for collectibles. However, is it better than eBay in 2023? Let's take a look...

5th Jul 2023

Tips and Tricks for Reselling Tickets on StubHub

StubHub is the biggest ticket reselling platform in the world. Here is how best to utilise it to maximise profits on tickets...

5th Jul 2023

The Juiced Guide To: Cleaning Sneakers For Resale

Selling a pair of kicks you no longer wear? Buying a used pair with the intention to sell them again? Well then you're going to want to know how to clean your sneakers...

4th Jul 2023

A Guide To Selling Electronics On Amazon

Electronics are among the top-selling categories on Amazon, providing a potentially lucrative opportunity if you know what you are doing. However, the intricacies of selling electronics...

2nd Jul 2023

Juiced’s Flip Of The Week: June 26th – July 2nd 2023

Welcome to Juiced’s Flip Of The Week for the week of June 26th - July 2nd. This week we have a rather unique item from Elon Musk's The Boring Company that reaped big rewards...

1st Jul 2023

Social Media Strategies for Increasing Traffic to Your Shopify Streetwear & Sneaker Store

Many Sneaker resellers have used social media to sell their goods on. However, as your business grows you will want to consider moving to Shopify. Here's how...

30th Jun 2023

Auction vs. Buy It Now On eBay: A Guide To Both

Want to know how best to optimise both auction and Buy It Now listings on eBay? Well then this article is here to help...

29th Jun 2023

LaMelo Ball and Cristiano Ronaldo Release NFTs: What To Know

Two huge sports names are releasing NFTs. But are they actually good?

28th Jun 2023

The Juiced Guide To Selling On Depop In 2023

Whilst it may not be as popular as it once was, there is still money to be made selling on Depop in 2023. Here's how to make the most of it...

27th Jun 2023

Amazon Individual vs Professional Seller: Which Is Better?

There are two plans when it comes to creating an Amazon sellers account, but which is best? Let's run down the pros and cons here...

24th Jun 2023

The Top Collectibles Markets for Shopify Success In 2023

Selling Collectibles on Shopify can be a great money maker. But what are the best markets in 2023?

23rd Jun 2023

Reselling on eBay vs. Reselling on Amazon: A Comparative Study

Want to know which is best between eBay and Amazon? This article gives a head to head comparison across five key areas

22nd Jun 2023

5 Essential Websites for Successful NFT Reselling in 2023

You can still make money reselling NFTs in 2023. In this article we will tell you five websites that can help you do so...

21st Jun 2023

The Juiced Guide To: Making Money Investing in Lego

Did you know the Lego has out-performed the stock market as of late? Lego Investing can be a great way to make cash and in this edition of The Juiced Guide To, we will explain how...

20th Jun 2023

4 Simple Ways To Optimize Amazon Product Listings To Increase Sales

Want to know how to increase Amazon sales by making the best possible product page? Well this article is here to provide you with four simple yet effective techniques

19th Jun 2023

All We Know About The Upcoming Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Release

All you need to know about one of the best sneaker drops happening in summer 2023!

18th Jun 2023

Juiced’s Flip Of The Week: June 12th-18th

Who said sneaker reselling was dead?

17th Jun 2023

How To Use AI To Boost Sales On Shopify In 2023

AI has taken the world by storm lately. But did you know you can use it to boost Shopify sales? here's how...

16th Jun 2023

What Is The eBay Trading Card Hub: A Buyers & Sellers Introduction

Looking to sell sports cards on eBay? Well then knowing how to use its Trading Card Hub can help. Let us explain in this easy to understand guide.

15th Jun 2023

Can You Make Money With Funko Pop NFTs?

Collectibles meet NFTs with Funko's digital cards, but are they any good? Find out here

14th Jun 2023

The Juiced Guide To: Making Money Reselling Barbie Dolls

Believe it or not flipping Barbie dolls can make you some serious cash. Find out how here...

12th Jun 2023

5 Nike Dunk Releases Happening This Week (May 12th-18th)

This week sees some big Nike Dunk releases. Here is all you need to know about our five favourites

11th Jun 2023

Juiced’s Flip Of The Week: 5th – 11th June 2023

Did you know Popcorn Buckets were so profitable??

10th Jun 2023

A Guide to Fulfillment Options On Shopify

There are many ways you can fulfil orders on Shopify. In-House Fulfillment ? Third-Party Fulfillment? Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN)? Let's take a look at each of these...

9th Jun 2023

How To Use SEO To Create A Winning Product Title on eBay

What makes a well-crafted product title on eBay? And how can your title impact sales? Find out here

8th Jun 2023

What Is The Best Platform To Resell Tickets On?

Here we run down five websites that can be used for ticket reselling, comparing the pros and cons of each. There are countless platforms but which is the best?

7th Jun 2023

8 Best Products To Sell On Amazon In 2023

What are some of the most profitable and highest selling items on Amazon right now? Lets take a look...

7th Jun 2023

The Juiced Guide To: Making Money Off Popcorn Buckets

Did you know even popcorn buckets can be a great thing to resell for profit lately? If not, then here is all you need to know.

5th Jun 2023

4 Of The Hottest Upcoming Air Jordan 4 Releases 

The upcoming months look like an exciting time for Jordan 4 fans...

4th Jun 2023

Juiced’s Flip Of The Week: 29th May – 4th June 2023

Welcome to Juiced's Flip Of The Week for the week of May 29th-June 4th. This week features a box of premium sports cards from Topps that yielded an immense return on investment.

3rd Jun 2023

6 of The Best Shopify Apps To Help With Your Store’s Design

The design of your Shopify store can have a huge impact on its success. Here are 6 apps that can help you improve your stores design...

2nd Jun 2023

Maximize eBay Profits: How To Set Up an eBay Store in 2023

Setting up a store can help you maximise eBay profits. In this article, we will explain in 4 simple steps how to set one up.

1st Jun 2023

10 Highest NFT Sales Of May 2023

Are NFTs Dead? Short Answer: No and these sales from last month prove so. Here are the 10 highest selling NFTs of May 2023

31st Mai 2023

The Juiced Guide To: How To Store Sneaker Investments

The Juiced Guide To: is an article series in which we provide one comprehensive guide per week on a random topic to do with reselling. This week we cover the best way to store your sneaker investments

30th Mai 2023

Comparing Amazon Fulfillment Options: FBA vs FBM

This article runs down all the pros and cons of Amaazon FBA and FBM, helping you decide which suits your business best.

29th Mai 2023

6 Hyped Sneaker Drops Happening This Week (May 29th-June 4th 2023)

Welcome to Juiced's roundup of sneaker drops happening the week of May 29th-June 4th. This week sees the return of Adidas's Yeezy line after the company reached an agreement with Kanye West....

28th Mai 2023

Juiced’s Flip Of The Week: 22nd – 28th May 2023

Juiced's Flip Of The Week is a weekly article posted each Sunday detailing our favourite call given to our members that week. This week's edition sees the world of gaming and music combine....

27th Mai 2023

How To Use the Power of Social Media To Increase Sales on Shopify in 2023

Social Media is a powerful tool in todays world, especially when it comes to selling on Shopify. So, how can you use it to increase sales? Lets take a look

26th Mai 2023

The Best Way To Reach eBay Top Rated Seller Requirements

Looking to increase eBay sales? Reaching eBay Top Rated Seller Requirements is one way to do so. This article aims to show you how to do this as quickly as possible to get ahead of your competition

25th Mai 2023

5 Things To Know About Ticket Reselling Before You Start

Reselling tickets can be highly profitable. However, it is not all that simple. In this article, we will explain all you need to know before you start your ticket reselling journey

20th Mai 2023

Are Hats Worth Reselling?

These fitted hats have grown in extreme popularity within the past year. With many exclusive releases happening, many of these hats become extremely sought after.

20th Mai 2023

Are Legos Worth Reselling?

The collectibles market (prints, figurines, vinyls, etc.) has grown substantially within the past year. Lego sets have recently been playing a crucial role in collectibles reselling.

20th Mai 2023

Are Prints Worth Reselling?

The collectibles market (prints, figurines, vinyls, etc.) has grown substantially within the past year. Limited edition prints play a crucial role in collectibles reselling, being one of the most prof

20th Mai 2023

Are Comics Worth Reselling?

The collectibles market (prints, figurines, vinyls, etc.) has grown substantially within the past year. Comics play a crucial role in collectibles reselling, being one of the most profitable and easy

20th Mai 2023

Pokemon: From Binders to Profits

Do you love Pokemon? Do you want to make some money off of your love for the franchise? If so, then you should consider investing in Pokemon cards!

20th Mai 2023

Can You Still Make Money Reselling Video Game Consoles in 2023?

With the release of the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 in covid times, it was a very profitable time to be a reseller.

20th Mai 2023

Supreme Fall/Winter 2022 Collection: A Closer Look

Supreme is back for their Fall/Winter 2022 collection. With a range of new outerwear, tops, sweatshirts, tees, pants, hats, bags, and accessories, this is not a drop to overlook.

20th Mai 2023

The Truth About Reselling Funko Pops

If you’re a reseller and you’ve ever bought and sold cards then there’s a chance that you’ve looked over at the Funko Pops section of a store and wondered if these items are valuable.

20th Mai 2023

How You Can Make Money Reselling Individual Cards

With a huge wave of demand for Pokemon cards and sports cards, it’s obvious that reselling packs of cards can make you a lot of money.

20th Mai 2023

3 Kinds of Art to Resell

Art has been bought and resold for years. It’s because specific art pieces hold value and will continue to hold value into the future as more people desire it and seek it out.

20th Mai 2023

Adidas YEEZY 350 v2 “Slate” Resell Predictions

When it comes to the Yeezy 350 v2, there is no denying that it is one of the most popular sneakers on the market.

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